Jun 8, 2009

Europe Forced to Grow Up and Vote Conservative

The dirty little secret is that the EU has always known that their Socialism was only possible because of our Capitalism. Now that Obama seems determined to emulate the poseur Socialists, the EU populace has to face the fact that somebody in the West has to be productive and make money.

Good luck with that, guys.


samaBlog said...

WAIT! Are you suggesting we up and move to Europe???

Joan of Argghh! said...

Heh. Only if Hussein gets re-elected.


PeggyU said...

In a way it's nice to see them being forced to acknowledge our past successes.

top of the chain said...

Because America's roots are European in origin, you could say we are their children. I don't wonder if the entire continent having been subjected to two hot wars and one cold, they decided in their old age to give up their right to self determination and let the state take care of them. On their deathbed, they're sending a message to their 'children' that the road of socialism is the wrong way.

ZZMike said...

Here's one of Europe's main journals, "Social Europe Journal".

They're in awe of Socialism; this issue's content praises Keynes and blames "conservative governments" for most of Europe's ills.

Social Europe Journal

Notice the cover: "EurObama: What lessons can Europe learn from Obama's victory?" (A flip answer: if you fool enough people at the same time, you can get elected and now it's your ball and everybody else has to line up.)

It's just a little scary that the EU (or at least, the left-leaning part) is looking to us for advice on how to get the people to love Socialism.