Jun 8, 2009

Focus, Dammit!

I love the acrid, bracing sting to the brain that focuses it first thing on a Monday morning. It sets the proper mood for a new work week, and keeps one from just offing the resident cheerleaders and suckups who arrive all perky and refreshed from their weekend. That's because they spent it doing things they Ought. You and I however, spent it doing things we shouldn't. So, for today's moment of terrifying lucidity I give you Vonnegut:

Stolen from haha.nu


Sal said...

Our U.S. senator was a frat buddy of my husband.
But, he, like us, seems to have grown up.

mushroom said...

Every time I see the greasy, fatass nursing home magnate, Claire McCaskill, on TV I ask my wife, "Do I look that bad?"

You'd think a multi-millionaire U.S. Senator could take a shower more than once a week.

PeggyU said...

God, yes.

A scarier prospect, though, is the class behind ours.

My particular classmates were (collectively) somewhat motivated to succeed. The class behind ours, however, was chock full of deviants and slackers. The teachers despaired of that group. I know I'm not the only one who has noticed that these things seem to go in cycles.

QP said...

[Goody, I'll just slip in my latest terror story - thanks.]

High school class indeed - and - Hippies

ZZMike said...

QP: That Marfa story is interesting. Yurts! Right on!

And I can see why they'd need "... the acclaimed architecture firm Lake/Flato and with Jack Sanders of Design Build Adventure" to design a trailer park with " ... and hammocks and rammed earth buildings".

Daphne said...

New here, that header is killer fine. Woman you've got some fine taste.

Sal said...

QP, you know I usually agree with you, but the Marfa thing doesn't bother me, much.
I mean- it's Marfa, already an oasis for the slightly off-plumb.
Better them there than here.

Holder said...

When I read that, I read it with the mind of a 9th grade science teacher. and now, I am very, very depressed.... I cannot imagine those kids running anything!