Jun 29, 2009

Guns, like good cigars and expensive whiskey, are for grown-ups.

The Crabby Old Fart set me off this morning talking about guns and how young people have no idea how to settle scores with their fists instead of bullets. He did an absolutely masterful job at saying much more truth, interspersed with his inimitable humor, than many politicians and speech writers of our day can muster. A brilliant must-read.

But the comments got me started on a rant there that I need to finish here:

Guns, like good cigars and expensive whiskey, are for grown-ups. They are perfectly safe within a populace of stable, God-fearing communities that respect life and understand that you don’t live forever. Folks who have lived long enough to know a few things. Folks who have not saturated and dulled their sensibilities with thousands of hours of bloody violence in movies, and who understand the sacred nature of life’s blood, and who are chary to spill it.

Now, with our so-called more modern countries standing on the cusp of implementing euthanasia for crabby old farts with the temerity to grow older and weaker, it might do some young people well to ask themselves why life is considered so cheap, why abortion is so widespread, or why we should care that some young girl was gunned down in Iran for “disrespectin’” the government.

The conscience isn't seared in a moment for most of us. No terrifying war experience or monstrous abuse to the senses has led us to our apathy. We have suffered a Chinese Water Torture-- a slow drip of insistence. And then a soothing sense of entitlement. And then more insistence by Others who simply must prove they are right.

No amount of twittering will save us. The Truth is too tedious, Ideals are too cumbersome, and the insistent and undercutting murmur of, "There is no transcendent Meaning to your monkey life," is giving wide permissions to the psyche, devaluing Life in the process. So it's okay to view people as impediments to your glorious sense of Self in your golden Today. It is how monsters are created and why some of us have no need to invent them.

I'll be yet more vile: abortion, as a broad policy, is wrong, and if that statement offends you, you've been subjected to more insistence than real thinking. Still, you know it and everyone else knows it, in their heart. But the constant barrage of straw arguments, paper-thin statistics, heart-rending exceptions, hypotheticals and the illusion of "progressive thought" and political expediencies has worn you down to milquetoast protestations at best. Abortion is a horrid, nasty, gory Business and woe to those who push down the urgent Something that nags the conscience, that warns the soul to consider meaning beyond the selfish mewling of Today.

Eugenics now comes to take a turn at your forehead, with dripping insistence that, since we can do something, we ought. Dear God, but people will nod in assent as such seemingly reasonable nonsense. Your own mom would smirk at such a childish notion from a ten year-old, but it's frightening to hear it come from a President.

Next up is the insistence that our own damn home would be better off without us. A suicidal and ridiculous agenda being pushed by the "Hugo First" members of the elite. Seriously, people, you simply must read C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength to be chilled thoroughly by that old idea coming around again. You think it's new? Lewis foresaw it 60 years ago, the elites and wannabes rushing to cut off their own heads to make room for the Macrobes.

The Left's hypocrisy is at a loss to assimilate the vision of Iranian youth begging us to export our values to their society. They're watching a government use force against its own people and considering how that will play out when 48 percent of their neighbors reject the oppressive New World Order their own Leader wants to impose. They are livid at the news of Honduran heroes who have had done with words and torturous insistence, and have decided to conserve something good. How unprogressive!

And what shall the Left do with NorKons, starving their own people and preparing to kill us just out of a sense of relief?

Dangerous powers are moving. Powerful weapons are in immature, unstable hands, and life is cheap.

You know, with all the Brave New World ideas aimed at your heart and mind, it's a wonder you are still alive.


julie said...

Amen, Joan.

A dear beloved family member just forwarded me an email, an urgent message from the vtotus laden with saccharine stories to sweeten the palate's desire to reform health care at any cost. Read and be assimilated!

Some days, all I want to do is weep.

And yet, at the same time it drives home how important it is right now to choose life. I despair for the future of this nation, because right now it looks pretty f'ing grim. I don't know what kind of world my not-yet-existent offspring are going to inherit, but I pray that it's worthy of them, and vice-versa.

jwm said...

Bravo, Joan!


mushroom said...

That's poetry.

I remember as a young person reading That Hideous Strength and The Abolition of Man thinking that Lewis was right, of course, but such a thing could only happen in places like the USSR. Now I know the communists could never have pulled it off. We can, and we are.

Why do I keep thinking that I'm watching WWF fake wrestling when I turn on the evening news?

robinstarfish said...

Seriously, people, you simply must read C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength to be chilled thoroughly by that old idea coming around again.

You said it, sister. Unfortunately, the people who need to read it have the attention span of a gnat.

patti said...

sing it sister!

GUYK said...

I salute the Honduran military who refused to give up their constitution to a left wing wanna be dictator. I hope out military is as courageous when the time comes...and yes, it is going to come. When our emperor supports the left wing administrations of Castro and Chevez and bemoans a military takeover to keep a constitutional government in the Honduras there is no doubt in my mind that he is planning on the same kind of power grab.

Betsy said...

Preach on, Sister Joan, preach on! So very well said.

Peter said...

Good job, Joan. My hope for the future is that we still have our guns and that the military is made up of our kids, not the Obamites kids.

Maybe the government types can convince the FBI to burn some harmless religious loonies to a crisp for the children, they can't convince the military to kill their own families. And we have the FBI outnumbered and outgunned.

Sam said...

You're right, "Brave New World ideas aimed at your heart and mind, it's a wonder you are still alive.

We're in big trouble. Big Big Trouble.

pamibe said...

Most excellent! You sing our despair with lyrics that please. No idea how you accomplish such a task, but I'd read any book you might write. [Hint!]