Jun 23, 2009

I Hate the [British] Seaside

Holly Walsh in a righteous rant. As a Florida girl, I totally sympathize with her fate-- having only the gray and unlovely experience of England's southern coast-- and hope that some day she'll learn to love a proper beach, with sugary sand and glorious sun, but I doubt it will ever make her like Eastbourne. It's a great little video story, told in that inimitable British style and thoroughly funny. Especially the jellyfish sting comment. . . enjoy!


PeggyU said...

Joan: VMan says he's written a book. Where's yours? You have to write one too!!!!!

Please put sugary sand in it, so I can mentally sift it through my toes. Thx. :)

oceanguy said...

I ought to do a little ditty about the three years I spent living in a little British city on the southern shore... very close to Eastbourne.

Cold, Rainy, and cloudy, yet still the beach would be full of pasty, nearly naked, poorly complected tarts puffing their cigarettes to stay warm.