Jun 1, 2009

It's Not Dysfunctional, It's Deliberate

I posted something back in March '08, re-posted it in January of this year, and still I find it on my sitemeter from time to time as an entry page for someone looking for whatever. But I found myself perusing the original comments from 03/08 and my dear detractor's comment jumped out at me, and now, grasshopper that I am, I understand something I didn't back then:

Looks like to kick the place into shape, we're going to need a hell of a recession/depression. A lot of pain.

How revealing! But I think I'll let 'mouse in on a little secret: "the place" that got kicked wasn't a place, it was a person. A bunch of persons. Kicked hard.

However, that's not the point of today's amusement. Today I'm mulling over the probability of such prescience exhibited eight months prior to Obama's ascendancy. I just don't believe in political coincidences. While the Right was sounding the claxons of alarm about unfettered Freddie Mac expediencies and its subsequent housing bubble, the Left was apparently in widespread synch, pressing its foot to the accelerator, with ACORN still holding mortgage companies hostage to provide affordable housing for folks who can't afford it. And letting Asia underwrite it.

I shall assume that, as a member of the Elite, the 'mouse was speaking from his part in the Script.

You know, the Script you are not allowed to know about. The Elite and Inside track of Ayers and Wright and their fellow educators toeing the Marxist line. The Script that was around in your high school, too. No, not the frat boy club you weren't cool enough for; I'm talking about the Diversity Committee that befriended you because you were so fresh and outspoken in your defense of equality and your denouncement of racism. Oh they fed you code words for your Committee interview in the guise of easing you into the group, and then rejected you for being so naive as to repeat what was coached to you. They held you up as an example of "never trust whitey." It's a little game they still play in politics. You've fallen for it a hundred times; all the political trust flowing from you and none of it is ever returned. Ever. You silly idiot.

And you can get over the whole Melting Pot business because we have regressed beyond dysfunction into deliberate immoral manipulations for The Greater Good. The greater good in this case being for whomever empathetic judges and ivory-towered elitists decide it's for. Tribalization for me and none for thee.

Think of it, my fellow 'muhrricans: What you are suffering now financially and emotionally is apparently part of a prescription being written by your fellow Amerikkans long before you were convinced you needed a cure. Obviously, this sort of idea of "a good crisis not going to waste" has been on the Left's table at a much deeper grassroots level than you or I ever imagined in our day-to-day activities.

Powerful elites have sunk the hook into your jaw for the sake of this ruse, this chaotic plan of destroying their fellow countrymen who would dare have a soft little dream. Your dreams must die because, don't you see, if you do well, it must be at the expense of someone else of color. Face it: if you are white you are evil and the Left declared War on you and me a long time ago. But don't take it personally because that's just the workable ruse that serves a greater purpose: The Script.

See, the kicker is this: nobody on the Left wants equality. I've never met a single member of the Left that wants equality, have you? You haven't. Do you know what they really want? Well if you didn't before, do you now?

I wonder if they are seeing what they have wrought in their Civil War against their countrymen? Will they allow the daily body count to be broadcast on the nightly news? No breadline stories yet. And only toney jetsetters have lost their homes and it serves them right. Right? Oh, we're allowed to see the economically gutted banks, Madoff moguls, and car dealerships in all of their impersonal shame. But the perpetrators of this longed-for chaos must need be shielded from the personal stories, the families ruined, homes lost, jobs lost, health lost. Or if not shielded then they must explain it all away as leftovers from a previous, hated President. . . one that tried eight times to stop the madness of the unchecked Freddie Mac housing bubble. Even now The One is trying to restart that portion of our crippled economic engine in the hopes of ultimately throwing a few rods through the block, killing it for good.

What the Left wants, what Obama wants, is for you to get out of the way. Whatever that looks like is fine with them. Hit the streets, die out, cash out, move out, whatever. They are so sick and tired of you Herberts.

And they know all this. They know what they're doing.

And you still don't. They're not just lying to you to save face, or because they are hypocrites. They deliberately lie because the Truth is secondary to the Script. They are not incompetent, they are calculating. They are madly rushing to their end-game. How else to explain the Daily Gasp they keep dealing to the non-pliant 46% of the country?

Go read Velociman's excellent and reasonable post in a similar vein. Must have been something tangible in the atmosphere last night when I was writing this screed at the same time. Or could be the rum. Or maybe just a tipping point of too many daily gasps of outrage. Go. Read and consider that maybe there is still time to decide which Script we'll cast ourselves in.

Me? I plan on being a Browncoat long before Obama can make me a Red Shirt.


GUYK said...

Yeah, Ayn Rand saw this coming way back in 1957...I read the book in the early 1960s and over the years have become convinced that she was right...it has been a commie plot from the beginning to take over the country...Obama is just a figurehead for the party...I have a bad feeling about the way this is gonna turn out....and that bad feeling inspires me to buy all the lead I can find

PeggyU said...

Call me slow. I had my epiphany when I read an analysis of the effect of FDR's policies. And then I realized that all through grade school our teachers told us what a hero FDR was and how he saved the country from the depths of depression. Got the economy going, etc.

I thought about some of the other stuff I learned while in public school and ... the leftist agenda was well in place even when I was young, though I had thought it was entrenched only recently. It felt strange to reach that realization. I've been doing a lot more reading since then!

Velociman said...

Ah. I lack your lyrical prose. But if I pummel the words hard enough, they eventually fall into some semblance of order. I'm from the Jake LaMotta School of creative writing. I envy you polished types.

ZZMike said...

Whenever the Left wants to gain control, they do it the way they've always done it: first, create chaos (Russian revolution, Mao's revolution, &c &c). Then step in and tell everybody that it's really terrible that happened, but we're ready and willing to help out.

This one wasn't as violent as before, but that's probably because the Left is becoming more nuanced. This time, all they had to do was throw the economy into turmoil. Then they stepped in and said it's really terrible that happened, but we're ready and willing to step in and help out. Now first we have to get control of the banks (the gummint won't let banks pay back the TARP funds, even if they can (I mistyped TRAP for that - maybe it wasn't that much of a mistake), because as long as the banks owe the gummint, the gummint owns the banks.

Next we have to help out the auto industry (one of America's biggest few remaining industries). GM stock sinks below $1, gets kicked off the DOW (it's been there since 1915), now the gummint and the unions (same thing) own most of it.

Next, under the guise of fixing our health-care system, they're in the process of turning it into the wonderfully successful model of Great Britain and Canada.

"See, the kicker is this: nobody on the Left wants equality."

They want diversity. That comes first. But it's an odd kind of diversity - one in which everyone thinks alike and marches to the same Maxist drum.

mushroom said...

Good stuff, Joan. Thank you.