Jun 14, 2009

The Obama Effect in Iranian Elections

You really need to step outside your own echo chambers from time to time and see what the other half is up to. The Left has been desperately pre-arranging a victory for Ah'madinnerjacket's rival in Iran, only to be confounded by . . . the mullahs. How the mullahs must smile!

Seriously. On NPR on Friday morning it was all about how Obama's brilliant Cairo speech was triangulating the ruling class in Iran. Except the ruling class is not Ahmadinejad. It's the mullahs, and much like our own president, they pretty much are telling Iran to STFU, "we won."

So, I searched around to see if the State-run media had a meme going, and sure enough! The Party Line (as likely a new name for a new media) was being toed by one and all this past week:

The SFGATE: Iranian Elections Scrutinzed for the Obama Effect.

The Philidelphia Enquirer: Obama's Cairo Speech Already Having an Effect.

Christian Science Monitor: Wildcard in Iran: Obama

The AP has pronounced Obama's words as pivotal in Lebanon's vote.

And MSNBC, 'natch: The Cairo Effect

WSJ: Smart Power Arrives in Cairo

Yes, my lovelies, The Media Borg's narrative continues undisturbed by you or me, but a country still living in the 12th century has bested them all. I await their spin with amused anticipation and foregone disappointment.

Meanwhile, anyone remember this?

Saturday, June 4, 2005

In the past several weeks, Iran has seen civil unrest in several major cities, ranging from peaceful student demonstrations to riots to apparent politically motivated assassinations. Tensions have been especially high in the past several days.

Yeah, the Media Borg has a convenient hole in its head. Right where their memory should be.

However, a dubious consolation for the State of Israel is outlined in Ha'aretz:

And in this case, paradoxically, it seems that from Israel's point of view the victory of incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is actually preferable. Not only because "better the devil you know," but because the victory of the pro-reform candidate will paste an attractive mask on the face of Iranian nuclear ambitions.

Western experts now agree that even during the tenure of moderate president Mohammad Khatami (1997-2005), the nuclear program continued to advance. And in any case, the person who really decides on the nuclear issue is not the president but the spiritual leader. One of the president's advisers even made it clear recently, in an interview with Reuters, that the spiritual leader will continue to shape his country's nuclear policy, regardless of the election results.

No wonder Obama bowed to the mullahs. It was in order to show his ass to Ahmadinejad.