Jun 12, 2009

Sound and Fury and. . . the Expectation of Truth

Is Truth a Right or a Responsibility?

What care you if Obama be brilliant or incompetent? Rave on. He is neither. However-- is he lying to you? I'm not talking about a leader's expedient glossings out of security considerations, or the dutiful brave face in the midst of disastrous calamity; the former for which it suffices to say that Obama has never met a secret he thought worthy of keeping, and the latter something which he should pray he never need employ except he have the stones of GWB.

But. . . do you have the right to expect Truth from your leader, be he ever so awesome or loathesome? Truth from the Press? Good Lord, we took it for granted for far too long. Or do we have a responsibility to seek and verify Truth for ourselves?

As long as we're assigning Rights for every imagined slight, how 'bout it? Discuss the merits of such a Right, and the just punishments for violation of same. We already have slander and libel laws. Should they be expanded or merely more deftly deployed?

Update: "Life is pain, princess. Anyone who tells you different is selling something."


WR said...

Obama just talks pretty - we (John Q Public) often mistake it for intelligence and/or sincerity. Truth is politics are always mucking around in the shades of gray - the courts are already hopelessly clog, this kind of litigation would kill the legal system as we know it. OD'd on political verbage...not a pretty death.

ZZMike said...

It's been so long since we've seen Truth out of either the MSM or Washington DC that I wonder if we'd recognize it.

Obama could come on national TV and say, "Well, we really screwed up. We got ourselves into debt bigger'n a 10-gallon hat, and we're just all goin' down the tubes."

And the People would cry, "Yes, hooray, tell us more!!"

Francis W. Porretto said...

Generically, there are three acceptable answers to a question:
1. I know, and I'll tell you.
2. I know, but I can't / won't tell you.
3. I don't know.

Obama disdains all three. The question before us is whether the 52.5% of the American electorate that put him into the Oval Office find that acceptable.

Unfortunately, it will be three and a half years before we find out.