Jun 21, 2009

Zombie Life and Shift Work

Well, five days of selling booze on long shifts and I think I can credibly say that it's not as bad as you'd think. Most folks are pleasant; one customer calls us the Disney World of Alcohol. I totally snagged that for my own uses. The customer banter is convivial and benign and, regardless of what else folks may have going on, their debit and credit cards are rarely declined.

People have priorities, after all.

Not since the Ghost Tours have I worked the late nights and long hours and I'd forgotten how zombie-like it can feel to get home and be unable to sleep, only to have to wake up and go another long round. After so many months without full time work, it's taking a bit of getting used to, plus the work is so physical. Today I don't hurt anywhere vital, so I think I'm getting inured to the traces and demands of totin' that barge.

But I hate the disconnected feeling of drifting through the mornings half-alive. Today I'm making a good old Father's Day dinner of a braised chuck roast and garlic potatoes. Mean 'n taters sort of day. The cooking reconnects me to life, makes me slow down a bit, wake up a little, actually feel something. Not a single cell in my body wanted to get up and go to the store and fix dinner today, but it's all right now. I'm not really the walking dead, I'm living in the moment of aromatic sensations of the most primordial instinct, while still in the middle of a complex arrangement of life circumstance and difficulties. And it's all right. Cooking does for the soul what any art should: it nourishes, revives and connects one with their living world around them. It's a comfort.

I mean, have you ever seen a zombie go to the trouble to cook a meal?

No. They're lazy and unconcerned to the point of barbarism. Raw brains indeed; like that's something to brag about. Wanna scare a civilized population? Just return to the kitchen from the bathroom without washing your hands first.

Happy Father's Day, guys. Hope someone is making you some home-cooked love and tenderness today!


diamond dave said...

I'm just enjoying sitting my lazy ass in front of my computer with the fan-boosted A/C going while it's 97 degrees outside.

Sam said...

Get back in the kitchen!!!

I'll bring the clear stuff...

PeggyU said...

Pretty sure zombies eat brains and they don't bother with food prep.