Jul 4, 2009

Clear! Defib Implant on the Field of Play

Anthony Van Loo has a defib implant for a heart condition. It allowed him to instantly and miraculously "reboot" after he K.D'd (Keeled Dover) on the field last weekend. He was up and off to the E.R., later released with no additional damage to his condition. Check it out and watch him jump!

More info at haha.nu


joated said...

Freakin' amazing! How long before everyone gets one of these? Instead of a Vulcan Death Grip, there would be a red dot tattooed on everyone's clavicle to be pressed in case of emergency.

LauraB said...

Heh - my dad has one of those. Said it appeared to have gone off once while he was sleeping. Woke him up, it did. LOL

It's a miracle that ensures he gets to stick around a little bit longer.

diamond dave said...

Scary. Should he still be playing in his condition, defib implant or not?