Jul 20, 2009

Hang Together or Hang Separately.

You've made plans? Bwahahaha!!!! Hoo-boy. You must work for the government.

The rest of us are so busy surviving that any thought of future plans or peace for ourselves and family have quietly succumbed to the onslaught of Hope and Change. There is no time for personal crises, much less the luxury of simple daily drama.

It's all part of the deconstruction of the American Spirit. And we may Tea Party and complain and protest. . . for now. Big talk until it becomes illegal. We'll see what we truly value. It may be only the next season of 24.

Funny thing, however. The more constrained we become by the impersonal destruction of our country, the more our deepest joys become intensely transcendent and precious. It may be time to think about preserving those self-evident joys and truths where they have the best chance of surviving: within your own family and community.

You may be hunkered down with a year's supply of food and creative plans for survival and that's all good. But now is not the time to go all Rugged Individualist. Most of us will need each other, and that's not a bad thing, just a new thing. Most of us think, "I can survive," but until we realize that surviving alone, while our neighbors fade away will afford us nothing abiding, transcendent or true. We will become a footnote in History, at best another chronicler of the demise of civilization.

Sorry, but the fantasy of Individualism is costly; you can only have so much food, ammo and advantage before you turn into a monster. That instinct to hunker and hide will only take you so far and ultimately will be defeated by the relentless insistence of a better organized, more tightly knit zombie government looking to feed off the living.

The age of pilgrims and pioneers seems to be passing, now that there is nowhere to run or hide. Conservatives keep wanting to play the game by the old rules, by seeking individual peace and freedom of conscience, not bothering anyone and happily going about their own business. But the Age of the Busybody will not relent, now that it can google you up at any point on the planet and garnish your sustenance for its own ends.

I'm watching what happens in Honduras. It's the canary in the mine.

Right now, however, I'm gonna go to work one more day and feed the Beast as little as possible.


GUYK said...

I have a haunting suspicion that what happened in the Honduras may be the only way that the republic can be saved.

But I do have plans for survival because to do otherwise is playing into the hands of the socialists. Yeah, I am stockpiling ammo and enough food to last a while. The age of individualism may be over but it is not for me. I'll go down fighting....because I don't care to live under the alternative to freedom

Sam said...

"canary in the mine"

You are not kidding.

PeggyU said...

There is no time for personal crises, much less the luxury of simple daily drama.

Boy, ain't that the truth! I feel like all we do is work like crazy and get further and further behind. And always, in every aspect of life, more paperwork to distract us.

Ricky Raccoon said...

Concur, Joan, from beginning to end.
Plus, the survivalists only buy a little more time, that's if it even goes down that way. Maybe in other countries, but this ain't other countries. We don't grow 'em like that. We stick together when things go to shit. It's never going to get that far where it's house against house against house. That's sci-fi.

Ricky Raccoon said...

I agree with Churchill, I think it goes, "we didn't get this far because we are made of sugarcandy."

Anonymous said...

Joan, every now and then you state something so well, that I feel the need to share your words with my friends. I am in awe.

dogette said...

"Big talk until it becomes illegal."

I got chills right there. God I loved this post.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks ya'll. I'm trusting you, faithful readers, to tell me when I've become entirely too cynical.

Joanie said...

You're absolutely right, Joan. We do need to survive, but we also need one another to have anything worth surviving.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

What happens in Honduras...