Jul 29, 2009

I Have a Plan!

Because the government doesn't even know how to create jobs out of money, I'm here to help.

Here’s a plan: the government can give me 20 million dollars and I’ll make sure I employ 1000 people for the next year. I need a new home built, a chauffeur, a stylist, a publicist, and various assistants, suppliers and menial workers. I’ll need accountants and bookkeepers and an HR admin. I will not even start a business that produces anything, so there will be no failure and no hand out for extra money.

Just give me $20 million and turn me loose to buy all the luxuries Michelle Obama is enjoying, and I’ll employ all my friends and cronies and it’ll be copacetic and uncomplicated.

There. I think I now know everything necessary to run for Congress.

I can’t believe they won’t let me run the world.


julie said...

Brilliant! I'll apply for the same position. The Southwest's economy needs stimulating, too!

pamibe said...

I'm still wondering what position I could fill... I've got it!! Dog walker! I could walk Pepper dog! Please consider this my application. :)

Ricky Raccoon said...

Capt Quint says he'll do it for 10.

dogette said...

Ricky Raccoon That was FUNNY.

Sparrow said...

You have my vote for World Dictator! It's a basic human RIGHT to have a manicurist on staff.

patti said...

go girl