Jul 21, 2009

I Have a Question:

The Pepper Dog and I were at the beach by 6:00 a.m. today. We greeted the sunrise and its attendant ushers-- birds and dolphins and a few scudding clouds that graced the scene to provide scale and contrast.

I sunk the chi, breathed a prayer, and considered, at this stage of life and a new retail career, how many realistic years I had remaining to rebuild some sort of hope for a comfortable descent into retirement. Or if it were even possible. Starting from scratch at this age, living in a motor home and driving an old car in order to lay low, keep a simple profile and have mobile options if things keep going south economically.

Here is what I asked myself: If I give ten hard years of work in order to secure the possibility of ten more physically easier years of work well beyond retirement age, how much can I hope to save, what investment can I make, what return of security can I expect that hasn't already been stolen by a group of politicians today?

I sweartahgott it's enough to make you shrug, right along with Atlas.


Sam said...

Don't sell your gun!!!

Hammer said...

Invest in lead and stock up on incandescent lightbulbs

robinstarfish said...

That was a rhetorical question, no?

wv: unsione, the New New Deal replacement for Social Security

wv#2: pecre...we're all effed

Jim - PRS said...

I have heard of at least three people who own small businesses who vowed to pack it in, if this lunacy continues.

Their employees are effed, as are all of us when that becomes a trend.

GUYK said...

Jim, I know at leas a dozen small business owners who have liquidated and shut 'er down. I am glad that I was able to sell out a few years back. It just ain't worth the effort.

Joan, I dunno. I fear that our currency is gonna go south along with the economy so any investments will have to bring in at least as much as the inflation rate to break even. My money is still on precious metal..a bit of gold and silver and a hell of a lot of full metal jacket lead. I figure it will be a great agent for barter one of these days...and what the hell...if per chance I am wrong and the dim-a-crits are right I can use that lead at the range for a lot a days of target practice. And I have my doubts that is will go down in value if I wanted to resell...may have to put some more concrete blocks under the double wide..that stuff IS HEAVY!

hoosierboy said...

I have already resigned myself to the reality I will have to work until I die.

Betsy said...

Joan you will always be welcome at Betsy's Home for the Elderly and Infirm, don't you worry. Of course I've spent up my retirement money since I got laid off but I'll come up with some good recipes for kibble. Low sodium, of course!

Sparrow said...

It's like we are all being forced to live on the other side of the equation: when you've made foolish life and financial choices, there is plenty of money for you. The hard thing is what happens when there is nobody left on this side of the equation to pay for it all?

That's when I'm gonna move to Hawaii and live in a tent on the beach and eat mussels and clams.

Van said...

Joan, I've been starting to consider that as well, but fortunately nObama provided the answer in his recent news conference (well, one of them, too many to remember which one),

""But what we can do is make sure that at least some of the, waste that exists in the system, that is not making anybody's mom better... that is (to say): loading up on additional tests additional drugs - that the evidence shows - is not going to necessarily improve care... that at least we can let doctors know...","...that this isn't going to help,(and) maybe you're better off uh not having the surgery but taking the pain killer.""

So, uhh you know... mmm ... we've nothing to worry about, when official nObama care healthcare providers determine that evidence shows our condition won't necessarily be improved... uhhh... don't worry about it, mmm... take a pill.

No doubt nObama official undertakers will handle the rest.

Wish that were funny.