Jul 8, 2009

Quick Questions:

What did tornadoes sound like before we had freight trains?

What did storm damage look like before we had war zones?

Before they had trucks to fall off of, where did unbelievable bargains come from?

That's about it for now. Laters.


leeann said...

1. Dinosaur farts
2. Neanderthal renovation
3. Viking yard sales

Hammer said...

rolling thunder

My kid's room

Mule carts

mushroom said...

1) Stampeding buffalo
2) "looks like a buffalo stampede went through here"
3) pillage from the village

leucanthemum b said...

Another question: What was "the best thing ..." before sliced bread?

dogette said...

I'll be tangled up in this for days. Thanks.

Sam said...

Viking Yard Sale


My garage...exactly.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

How about "happy as a clam?" I mean, how do we know if they're happy?

Skully said...

I might not know when clams are happy, but I know when they're steamed.