Jul 30, 2009

Will Buying a Beer Prove You're a Racist?

I keep warning Washington D.C. not to politicize beer, but they won't listen. New alcohol taxes are in the works, global warming and CO2, and now racism.

Time to show your proclivities toward beer and politics:

Buy a Beer! Be a Racist!
Obama's Choice: Bud Light
Gates' Choice: Red Stripe
Crowley's Choice: Blue Moon
Me? I'm just gonna buy more Altria Group stock.
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Also: I'm waiting for someone to weigh in with Arrogant Bastard as a write-in candidate. Except he already got elected.

Important update:


leeann said...

Dammit, I like Red Stripe but I refuse to show any sort of support for that asstard. Oh well, back to the Oregon Honey Beer... mmmmm. Or maybe I'll just crack open that Chaucer's Mead I've been hoarding.

Hope you're feeling better, btw.

robinstarfish said...

Better yet, Old Rasputin. Best knock you on your debauched mystic ass beer on earth.

patti said...

mead, mmmm, got some of that horded myself :)

joated said...

I would have gone with Old Peculiar myself.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Obamuh oughtta listen to them pooches.

Teresa said...

I keep wondering what would have happened if Crowley didn't like beer... would he have to fake it so Obama didn't feel bad...

Well, I hate beer so none would be my choice. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, mho, those are not beer(s). If POTUS was going to serve beer, he'd of cracked that 30 pack of Miller High Life cans. That's what you get when I offer you a beer. eh

Old Rasputin huh? Ever had any Trappist 60*(not sure if that number is correct, 80* maybe)? Regardless, I need an eye opener before 07:15hrs Mass. I'm in Bruge(or Brugge). Jump in this joint across from the church. Order a double espresso, Courvoisier and a beer. Waiter says, "Trappist?" Yeah, yeah, OK. Down the brandy, took a coupla long pulls on the beer - rut roh! It was like washing down the brandy with Jack Daniels. My eyes were open. heh ;~)