Jul 29, 2009

A Year and a Week Later

And the bronchitis is back. Or it could be the flu, since I ache all over. It invaded my sinuses 36 hours after working in a small enclosed room with another manager who came to work sick that day. Or from a customer who coughed into her hand and then handed me money. Or a customer who holds their credit card in their mouth before handing the icky end to me.

Yuck. It has quickly moved to my lungs. Damn.

This time however, it seems to be working its way quickly through all the stages, so hopefully I won't be coughing for weeks.

So, do I go into work this afternoon since I have the closing shift, where I can cough all over my co-workers and customers? Why yes, I will. I will go in and let the manager assess my condition. And he'll not care one whit since to do without me will mean more work for him.

Of course, I'll have the decency to use hand sanitizer all evening and use up a box of tissues. I just hope I can stay on my feet for 9 hours straight.

But, it's good to have a job!


pamibe said...

That sucks... Hope you feel better quickly, Joan.

leeann said...

I've noticed out here a lot of retail people are wearing those thin latex gloves. It kind of creeped me out at first, as if a spontaneous apendectomy might break out any moment.
Hope the ick clears your system fast. And get revenge on rotten customers... *cough cough*... sorry, did I get lung on your change?*cough cough*

CastoCreations said...

Can you wear a mask? It doesn't stop all the droplets but helps some.

Sorry you got the crud. I had it last week ... thankfully I can stay home and work. But coughing up a lung while pregnant is not the most pleasant experience.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, I couldn't imagine being pregnant and gakking up lung-butter. Even now it just makes me barfy after I cough and cough up a lung.

PeggyU said...

Hope you are ALL feeling well soon! Summer colds/flu are the worst!

Paul said...

It's supposed to be a funny cartoon, but it's really just a depiction of reality:

Sick day

Try not to think about the widespread nature of this work practice when it comes to the kitchens of the restaurants you eat in! If one of my guys is sick, I tell them to stay the hell at home, we don't need to infect 500 people today...