Aug 5, 2009

Blessed Event! Er . . . New Arrival!

Must be the full moon or some other alignment of the universe, but Kim Crawford, aka, Velociman, has finally given birth to his firstborn novel, A Trip of Goats.

Go congratulate him, (and Key, as midwife) and then buy his book. You've spent twice as much on some crappy movie that you'll never watch again. But this is a friggin' book, peeps. It'll be around until someone emails Vman's blog address to the "fishy" Col. Flag at Obama headquarters.

You go now.


leeann said...

Nifty indeed.

Jean said...

Can't get Lulu to process my order. damn them.

Walrilla said...

Mine is on the way!

Velociman said...

Thankee for the kind words, Joanie!