Aug 14, 2009

When The Best Man For The Job Is A Woman

It's pointless to keep a daily log of Obama's outrages and political hypocrisies. It really and truly is. And it has no effect whatsoever on anyone's political outlook.

The Left stimulates, the Right responds. It amuses the Left no end since they control the field of battle, the rules, and the weapons of words. They've isolated so many factions of the right with the sheer horror--still!--of appearing foolish or extreme that our responses are for our own satisfaction.

So really, the Left fears almost no one. Almost.

There are vulnerabilities in the hell-care bill to be found by the sheer magnitude of the unknowns and the push for a fiat. And it's a moving target. However, Sarah Palin hit a bullseye right out of the gate, so keen are her sights. She found the heart of the animal and took aim right at its evil core.

"Evil" is a word that the Dems hate, and cannot use, having thrown all morality to the winds of situational ethics. It was the small, smooth stone that Sarah Palin chose for her sling. Found it in a well-thumped Bible, too. Imagine that.

And you know what? The Left fears her. They're not slinging mud at Romney, Jindal, or Barr or Steele because they control them already. You know I'm right on that one, too. The good ol' boys on the Right want to leave Palin to the likes of beltway pundits and media elites and even some insecure Conservatives to be vilified and to twist in the winds of political war.

"Evil" was the correct ammunition for the target. It's effectiveness is in the fact that it resounds on an intangible level that cannot be corralled by political ploys and turns of phrase. Like pornography, people know it when they see it. It just takes a pretty brave soul to give it voice. And it was not directed at the man, but at the idea itself. Nobody's going to show up and physically threaten Zeke Emanual for his evil ideas. But they are going to attack such ideas loudly and relentlessly until sleepy eyelids snap open in recognition: This is evil. Don't touch it!

But take note: it doesn't matter one bit what the Left says about anything. Watch who they are now targeting, if you wanna know how to play to your strengths. You can analyze and cry foul and keep pointing the fingers everywhere at all the wolves in the forest, but I don't want you in my hunting blind if you can't shut up and watch how it's done; whether or not you like the ammo, the gun, the sights, the equipment, or the stinging media mosquitoes. And that's just one way to hunt.

Just wait until Sarah gets airborne with some more heavy artillery. She knows how to hunt ravenous wolves that would decimate our livelihood.

Does that seem simplistic and barbaric?

Just wait until you see your new national healthcare plan in action.


Edward said...

You ae absolutely correct, Joan. There is a palpable fear of Palin amongst all the DC crowd, be they democrats or republicans.

She is a throwback to the type of people who built this great nation by means of their own sweat and blood and who did not look to the government for a handout. They just wanted the government to get out of their way.

Jack said...

I don't think that people fear Palin in the sense that she is some sort of mighty politician. They fear her because she is ridiculously unqualified for higher office.

The best thing for the country would be for her to just disappear. The GOP has people far more qualified to run and less likely to quit because they can't handle pressure.

Vinnie said...

Great article and very insightful, Joan. I think you're right about watching who they are targeting to know where the weakness is.

I've been shaking my head in amazement for years at how quickly the Right is distracted by the Left's latest outrage. Soon they'll be bickering on the minutiae of the healthcare plan and forgetting that there shouldn't be one in the first place. Happens every time.

pamibe said...

Once again you hit the ball out of the park! Wonderful post!!

patti said...

Yup they are afraid of her, because she is honest, and we can see it. She can actually unite and get conservatives to get up from their couches and do something - or more appropriatly put down their shovels, and other tools of being busy, and speak up.
Go Sarah.

Betsy said...

Spot on, Joan. What you said. And Jack's a goober. The arrogance of the haters is actually beginning to cease to amaze me.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Right on, Joan!

The funny thing is, the people who fear and hate Sarah will scream they don't fear her, but she's virtually the only one they attack and rage on about so much.
Why attack someone so relentlessly if they are no threat?

Palin is a huge threat, whether or not she ever decides to run for office or not.

The republicans that want her to go away are usually the ones who wanna compromise more of our liberties away, or refuse to see Conservatives need all the help they can get.

Personally, I'm sick of the weenies who advise us to walk on egg shells and watch what we say.
Here's a newsflash: the Left will attack us and our liberties regardless whether we become their dhimmis or not.

So as far as I'm concerned the kid gloves are off!
We need to do like Sarah Palin and Liz Cheney and refuse to let the Left set the narrative they want and choose the battlefields they want.
We gotta stop allowing them to silence us with their accusations of racism and fascism, which is what they are guilty of.

It's past time to attack and counter-attack, relentlessly. It's really easy to keep the Left off balance and divide and conquer them, until they are exposed as the spittle flyin', idiotic froth spattered rage boys they really are, but it takes cajones and it takes discipline.

Make them react and dance to our tune.
Sarah, Liz, Rush, Bolten, and Dick give good examples of how to handle the Left and their media comrades.

RayGun said...

Why don't you nuts learn? You gave us W, with the same assurance as your giving us Palin. Look at the disaster barely diverted (for the simple; economic collapse). Now you want Palin, who is 4 times as stupid, and 4 times as religious as W? What is wrong with you all?

Joan of Argghh! said...

What's wrong with us? Why, we're not evil. You're not used to hanging around decent people, but there may be hope for you.

You're welcome to stick around and see if you can acclimate to the fresh, cleanliness of clear vision and unmuddled concepts. . .

and the happiness we all feel when we think of Personal Liberty tempered with Personal Responsibility.

RayGun said...

But supposedly W was not evil, else why the hell did you elect him?

Maybe you should take personal responsibility and pay off W's neary 6 trillion in new debt. Then pay whatever Obama is stuck with from your great W's grand for-site in making sure regulations did not get in the way of the bankers. Please.

Jean said...

I think what they hate about her most of all is that she is much like 'us'. And, since there are more of 'us' than 'them' it makes 'them' nervous.
I would love to see her in charge.

RayGun said...

Jean, 'us' are ordinary people. Why would you want an ordinary person leading you? Seems like you would want an extraordinary person in charge of the most powerful country on earth. And not someone who talks to invisible beings, that might tell her to go on another Christian crusade. That's what scares the stuffing out of me. Crusades or witch trials. Did I see you talking to a dog the other day Jean?

Jean said...

As a matter of fact, I have frequent conversations with my dog.
You might be surprised how extraordinary one of 'us' can be.

RayGun said...

Jean, pretty sure I can make the bible say you're a witch then.

And when problems arise, we know how the right wing likes to blame everyone but themselves. So look out witches, If Palin gets elected, and things go bad (which they will). God, she'll be blaming witches, homos, atheists, children that back talk to their parents, on and on. Basically blaming everyone but herself, which sounds like W, and which sounds like most of the right. God help us all.

Jean said...

RayGun, you can make the bible say I am a witch. Because I talk to my dog.

I keep typing and deleting, typing and deleting.

I refuse to live in fear or paranoia.
And, I really hate politics.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I suspect it's not politics you hate so much, Jean, as it is babysitting.


Joan of Argghh! said...

All brains and no heart? Hillary.
All brains and Lionheart? Maggie Thatcher.
All brains and Lion Tamer? Sarah Palin. And if she were ugly no one would have a problem with her.

However, the entire myth of "high intelligence" being a prerequisite for leadership in any situation is a conceit pushed by the Left. My I.Q. is higher than Obama's but I know for myself that I would be a piss-poor leader in a heated battle as I get high on ideals and glory and all strategy fades in the heat of the moment. Makes me a mahvelhous lover, btw. But I digress. . .

Brains, courage and street skills born of having a real life and real experience outside of the Beltway has always yielded good leadership.

Lastly, if you turn around and there is no one behind you, no matter how smart you are, you are not a leader. Now, you may have to pay a great deal and promise a great deal to get folks behind you, as the Left has done for decades, but the one who has a natural, unpaid following of millions is a Leader.

Doesn't hurt that she has the cool to take down a hulking animal. Most men may cop to the adrenaline and emotion of the moment, but few will admit the fear they sometimes feel when hunting big game. It's no small thing.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yes, I was waiting for you to get around to the real problem. It's not intelligence now, it's religion.

Another mindless buyer into the whole, believing in God is dangerous crowd. You are no conservative, republican, or even an intelligent libertarian.

You're a mindless joiner. A Beta thinker led by the hip crowd, Penn Gillette, Scott Adams, and a host of others who, having erased a whole field of questions they deem unworthy on the face, now proclaim that the debate has been solidly won. "The Horror" you fear is the one you live: being perceived as stupid. Nothing kills intelligence more quickly.

None of you can even describe consciousness without sounding crazy. You throw out an entire line of questions that you don't want to answer, when true Logicians are fearless in their self-questioning.

Like them or not, godless rulers killed more people in the 20th century than can ever be attributed to backward medieval political figures guised as Christians.

In fact, a quick look at historical fact in the Modern Era should convince any sane person that they don't want to live among the godless. All those godless European countries? Overrun with blood-crazy-god Muslims now because they were just too smart for the room. Gotta wear burkhas to the pool. Bwahahahahaha!!

And to anticipate the next, real issue, that of your gayness: No Christian governor or legislator has ever produced the boogey-man scenario of invading anyone's bedroom. To the contrary, the gays have paraded their bedrooms down mainstreet in an effort to offend and disgrace their fellow citizens, to bully them into accepting openly things they heretofore quietly eschewed. And just for the helluvit, why aren't gays demanding that the Government make a ruling for ALL of the Holy Sacraments originally instituted by the Church? No cry of intervention for Baptism, although Last Rites seem to be in Obama's game.

If you were any more pat and packaged as a thinker, I could easily UPS your ass over to some other, more enlightened place where they will take care of you for the rest of your life, or how ever long you remain a participating gay citizen in the short game of Life.

Oh, you hunt? How nice.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ah, your white flag of bitter surrender! I'll admit I hadn't anticipated it quite so early in the game. Outing you was very bad of me, wasn't it? Your best rejoinder is to hastily attempt to paint me with the "projection" brush, and it has all the disheartened strength of a sigh.


Joan of Argghh! said...

When the Left can't win in the field of ideas, they resort to violence.

No wonder so many conservatives pack heat; for self-protection from bad people with bad ideas.

patti said...

Made my comment early on and left the post - look what I missed!
You go Joan, probably best I missed most of the fun.
I do observe the troll is the one throwing around huge negative stereotypes and calling names, making huge assumptions - etc. Typical hate filled lefty.
Where the heck does "Do you really want to start the crusades again?"
come from anyway? Talk about a leap. And then he starts with the "who's is bigger" thing, not going to say typical male here, as there are actually some pretty damn fine males who visit you here.
He's got a lot of nerve bringing up W's debt, considering the multifold increase we now have courtesy of the O and his pack of goons in congress.
Anyway, you don't need my help :)
You filleted him nicely! Standing in awe.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thought I said I didn't hunt anymore by the statement "then I grew up".

So you either grew up, [doubtful] no longer hunt, but held onto the gun pics out of sentimental yearning, or you still have the gun and are using it for the same reasons as every other law-abiding gun owner.

Even as unstable as you seem, I have no fears about you owning a gun.

og said...

"Even as unstable as you seem, I have no fears about you owning a gun."

That's because you can shoot better, joan.

I wonder if he thinks that hamburger he eats grows on that styrofoam tray/