Aug 3, 2009

A Metaphor for ObamaCare

First of all, this video was swiped from Vman's post about Cash for Clunkers where he so artfully expounds on the heartless Left's policy of destroying perfectly functional cars, and the resultant burden on the poor. You go now!

Second, I would hope the sane people in this country take up the cause of this poor Volvo and it's very apt metaphoric application to socialized health care. I don't think I need to spell it out for any of my astute readers:

Hmmm. . . will the government put a price on granny's head? Will grandchildren step up to trade in their families for a chance to survive economically? There's an old Russian story that speaks to this and I aim to find it or re-write it from my 5th-grade literature book memory.

And to wrap up today's menu, we have a tasty little just dessert for Arlen Spectre:

See, that's what a REAL town hall meeting is supposed to look like. Not the nicey-nice scripted things you've been fed by the media. Kinda fun! Now, that's what politics used to look like. People unafraid of power. Bring it back.

I'm unafraid of power, but I do fear hunger. Off to work again, peeps.


leeann said...

I take it your cold is better? *hopes, but doesn't promise change like some asstards*

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, yeah, I worked thru the cold. It has some lingering sniffles but a coupla nights of 10-hour sleeps really knocked it away. No state-run health care needed at this time.


GUYK said...

Joan, I also fear hunger! There is an adage among us rednecks.."A hungry stomach and a hard dick ain't got no conscience." Hungry people will do things that they would never do if they were fed. But then the emperor knows that and he knows that as long as he can give the public free bread they will mostly stay calm...kinda like feeding a bad dawg while ya raid the hen house...

It just disgusts me that so many are willing to trade freedom for bread and the circus in Washington DC

Doux said...

heh Yeah, you funny too.

Amazing what rest will do for most ailments.

Did that Russian babushka story extol the killing of wolves?

PeggyU said...

That Volvo about made my daughter cry. She likes cars.