Aug 12, 2009

Moving to Honduras

Sounds like a reasonable "out" of this crappy hand we've been dealt. God bless the brave people of Honduras who got rowdy, loud and unafraid of OUR President and his toadies!!

I'm sure they didn't like where History smacked them in the face, but their reaction to the loss of the rule of Law and their rights was exactly appropriate. Exactly. Appropriate.

Meanwhile, Velociman has a post up about "Poker For Dummies." Don't miss it.

Why Breitbart hasn't selected Vman to post over at Big Hollywood is a mystery to me.


julie said...

I guess it's good to know there may be one country left in the world worth moving to, should AmSoc become fully entrenched here.

Sam (EOTIS) said...

I'm hiding in Honduras, I'm a desperate man, send lawyers, guns, and money...cause shit has hit the fan...wait...forget about the lawyers.

Reaper said...

Jean Hitler is cutting my comments, where I deal with her sophomoric rants, but here is what's important:

All I am trying to do, with my trolling, is warn the ignorant, that any talk about the over throw of the government, once it proceeds beyond talk, can land you in prison. And God help you lunatics, if any harm should come to our elected officials.