Aug 23, 2009

Sunday Morning Grille

Get your fill of today's most succulent, red-meat, juicy morsels of bloggy rant goodness. You have time to click because they are all short-order dishes. But, save room for dessert because Suzette is an imaginative cook. Aw, Hell, life is short, eat dessert first.

I'm sure it's viral by now, but a Congresscritter gets served deliciously by a Marine Corp Vet in Washington State.

TJIC slings some hash with a delightful slash at the cultural neologisms being inflicted on us in the wake of Obama's ship of state. Dude.

Let's have a school lunch, just to deepen the sour mood: Mrs. Who is in charge of a little rant with a big, funny title.

Time for a palate-cleansing little morsel of absolute perfection. It seems familiar at first, a bit piquant, and then ends with a really satisfying flourish. It's a drive-in delight over at the Parkway Rest Stop.

A nice glass of Scotch after dinner? I don't think so. [The Scots, they've rrruined Scotland!]

Oh, and here's your after-dinner Meant. Some things are just as they seem.


Edward said...

Thank you for the links, Joan. They made up for all the stupidity that I had to see coming out of D.C. last week.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I'm not sure anything can make up for that except vigilant resistance!

Doux said...

Sorry I missed 8/20 & 8/21. Get a loaded firearm in your hand, point it at another human being. Unless you're 110% sure you're preserving your own life(that of a loved one) or you're a felonious - sociopath, you'll wet your pants, crumple to the ground crying. Separating anything from its miserable life requires commitment. heh

Helen Keller. 30 plus years with the likes of. heh No regrets.

hoosierboy said...

Thanks a heap for the linkage, you are a gentlewoman and a scholar.

Jim - PRS said...