Aug 18, 2009

Target Practice for Conservatives

I know that many of my blog-peeps don't care for political banter, but if you want to play along, I'm shit-kicking a Concern Troll in the comments to this post: When The Best Man For the Job is a Woman.

Yes, it's an exercise in futility because said troll has no interest in truth, isn't really a conservative, and he's just clinging bitterly to his latent hate for all things Christian. If you keep poking him, the same old tired Leftist babble-on scripted arguments flow out of him. It's not like you're pulling the wings off a fly or something, it's more like you're just poking a monkey in its deluded cage of existence. He likes it there and thinks it superior to any free-range thinking that may appear silly to his fellow simians.

So, the object of this game is to pre-anticipate the Concern Troll's next goalpost and beat him with it. Mercilessly. No appeals to any sort of Christian charity will be considered. It sounds very un-Christian of me, doesn't it? Well, that's the sort of world he wants to live in, so please, give him a taste for it: no holds barred.

I'll be back later. I'm headed to the shooting range that is now only a mile away from my undisclosed mobile blogging location. Don't let me down.


GUYK said...

I don't argue with them any more the man said about wrestling in the mud with a pig...I just get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

The commies figure that the only reason that communism has always failed is because those who produce don't just give it up without a fight. They can never understand that the producers just quit producing when there is no incentive to produce.

Edward said...


Guyk is absolutely right.

Just block the sucker. Don't waste your bandwidth and blood pressure attempting to reason with someone with no brain.

Joan of Argghh! said...

As though it costs me anything to pea-shoot a brainless troll? I do it for amusement and to lower my bp!

Why, I feel better already.

Besides, he folded with a pair of deuces: a deuce of a mental impairment and a deuce of a chance of persuading anyone of anything except said impairment.

Joan of Argghh! said...


Reaper had a little potential but it all fell apart so soon. Feh. Unable to refute, he sits sulking in his mom's basement.

I'm bored. Y'all must be, too.

Okay, Guy and Edward, I'm with you at this point.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, you certainly seem unable to refute the facts of anything tangible, so, no. Run along and get back to your WOW games.

Joan of Argghh! said...

See, now you're being entertaining! Thanks for the fun laugh. An animist at heart, you are! LOL.


BTW, my friend GuyK is an agnostic who gives the best Sunday School lessons. I love to read his thoughts and reasoning for his particular world-view because he is intelligent and does not dismiss things as easily as someone so young as yourself might.

The world is a big place, and no one group of people is as two-dimensional as you would like to paint. Not all non-believers are as you seem to be, and for that, my world is bigger than your narrow little corner.

Sarah Palin is not a cartoon figure, nor are her beliefs something you can fathom, since by your own admission, you've taken yourself out of the conversation, closed the door, closed your made-up mind. It won't keep you from fearing her.

Still, rest assured that you don't seem silly to your fellow simian cell-mates, and that's what is important, after all. You are a thrall to what you deem most important --and that is a capricious godling to serve.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Aggressive. Now passive. *sigh*

You may be interested to know that I agree with the above statements about evolution. Your assumptions reveal your prejudice and lack of interaction with real people.

Now then, as to being fired from this blog and people being touchy, I will remind you, young man, that you are here at the pleasure of my discretion and for as long as you amuse one who has worked 50-60 hour weeks for the last two months.

You are the one who came in from Hot Air, with deprecations against Palin that remain unfounded, with a disingenuous posture of concern for the conservatives, and would now seek to see me or my peeps as "touchy"?

I haven't once clicked your profile or your pics, and have sought to know nothing of you but what you have posted here. That is precious little, a more than sufficient.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Not the comments about a Creator, the comments about evolution. Focus, dammit! Why are you so boxed-in in your thinking?

You will find precious little argument from me or most here about W's unfathomable spending with which he hoped to secure the voting Right.

However, you have yet to produce something that proves Sarah Palin to be the things you parrot from your echo-chamber. Can you point to one bit of legislation that she has championed that has jeopardized non-religious people? If not, then you are a slave to your unfounded and irrational fear of Christians. Why do you encumber the internet with your calumny and bitterness?

Join us! We have no quarrel with someone who is just plain uninformed and scared. We'll help you see that all is not as you've been sold. We'll help you see that we are not blind followers, but leaders out of the gray fog of political gaming. Politics sucks. Truth and Liberty are fun!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Reaper, you really know nothing at all of religion. You think you do because you are still parroting things you've read.

And still, you refute, nor prove nothing about Sarah Palin, and you persist in your irrational fear of Sarah Palin.

I could care less what a person's private devotions are, be they pious or profane, if they are committed to small government, self-sufficiency, and personal responsibility... and strong boundaries. But this isn't about that, is it? It's just a big pout for you, you who have supplied not one shred of evidence for your fears.

Not one.

And now, you cease to amuse and have committed the cardinal sin of blog commenting: you've become tiresome and uninteresting. Feh.

patti said...

Geeze dude, do you not realize that as a personal God each of us have our own fundamental beliefs and are not all tied to any one set of strict interpretation of scripture or God. I personally know many Christians, not one of whom thinks the earth was formed 6,000 years ago in 7 - 24 hour days. Every one of us (that I personally know) believes God, by his very nature as God, is not tied to the understandings of us admitted mere mortals.
And who are you to judge what each of us, from Sarah Palin on, think or believe. Have you spoken to any of us - beyond your foolish ignorant spitting of venom? Me thinks thou dost try to set thine self in the position of God with your judgments of our hearts and minds.
And if you are going to name our God as the creator, it does not stand to reason that he would then "Damn" the world he created, so ya know - try not to be quite so offensive, Christians have feelings too. Oh I forgot, it is ok for you and yours to be offensive, it is only Christians who must always be mindful of the tender feelings of those like you.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Calling bullshit on the "feeling you out" goalpost shifting again.

Oh, you make a cute parrot of the Leftist talking points, but you are a disingenuous liar. You are a "concern troll" liar. You've proven your liar creds over and over and your talking points refute nothing.

Your copied and pasted arguments run along the low lines of the mindless and you haven't even graduated to the grown up school of the discussion. This blog and its readers are way, way, way past you on your silly straw men, and I won't tire them with rehashing the silliness. I thought maybe you had some real thoughts of your own.

Thanks for playing, though.

Joan of Argghh! said...

To all: the troll is bucking to be an FBI plant sent to agitate whomever he thinks he can agitate. Please do not click on his links or pics. I will be deleting them all soon.


Please do not spam my comments, or I shall report you to cablespeed in Duvall, WA. No one has said any of the things you've tried to plant in the comments, How telling, your true colors, Obamabot.

In fact you are a perfect fit for an FBI informant/instigator. They are all the new thing. Go get a job with them.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Sheesh. This Reaper idiot is in a special class of imbeciles.
Dumber than dirt trolls look much smarter by comparison.

diamond dave said...

Aw, man. Looks like I came over here too late to enjoy the festivities. Why not archive and post the poor guy's arguments for our entertainment?