Aug 11, 2009

That Goes Double For Me

From Bruce Kesler at Maggie's Farm:

I wasn’t a proponent of street violence then, nor am I now. I abhor it. And, just let any one of the Democrat thugs try to physically attack me or silence me or anyone nearby and they better stand the f*ck by for a real thumping. At 61, I still fit in my Marine Corps uniform, and know well how to defend myself. I’m just one member of a rapidly expanding, reluctant force of ordinary Americans who will. Those who have spent their lives cloistered in ivy and Congress have never met our resistance before, are shocked, and are in for more rueful surprises if they keep on their vile attacks on our democracy, peace and prosperity.

Ocean Guy brings further insight by calling up Confederate Yankee's post of April 2006 regarding Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves.

Not a bad morning's reading if you need a good reminder of who you are, and what your place is in this political climate. Hint: it's not where the Democrats think your place is, and it's not what the MSM has labeled you, you mobster. It's ultimately where and what history seems to be handing to you simply because of the life and liberty you have enjoyed up until . . . well, this year.

A life and liberty hard-won by hard men who shrugged off labels, lies, and the mewling judgments of foppish aristocrats and other footling rulers.

Organized? Astroturfed? What the evil tide of the Left's ocean of officialdom cannot fathom is a people who are far beyond the need for organization or payoffs in order to move them to action. Liberty is in our DNA, defense of the silly flock is our calling. We move among our brothers and sisters as the very picture of meekness: strength under the control of the Author of our liberty. That is why it is somewhat breathtaking to see the ferocity of our passion. The masters of disingenuous display have run up against something of real substance and it will only dismay them for so long. When their words run out, let's see if Soros will fund something more substantive and indelible, like thugs leaving marks on the heads of their fellow countrymen.

Make note, dear reader and ObamaSnitches, our passions are NEVER directed toward the sheep, even when their foolishness calls us into action. There may be startling consequences, but the sheep never need fear us. Devouring wolves may want to slink back into their dens of decay and realize that they've overplayed their hand.

Did you quietly watch the contrivances of a besotted Media determine to fan the racist flames of passion out of all reason and solemnity? I spotted it dead-on in my own little town over 30 years ago, and have watched it grow unabated through the glorification of the Press and its triumph over a President. A press that has grown bold and lazy since then, falling back to "racist" at every point, no matter what reason demands of a functioning mind. Did you notice the problem 30 years ago, and more, that academia goes hand-in-hand with the Media? And for at least that long, someone has been feeding that problem with generous portions of cash, influence, and ideology-- all very organized and astroturfed.

That someone, that ideology, that fund, where ever it finds us, is where our defense of Liberty must be concentrated. It's that simple.

In closing, let's go over the list one more time, courtesy of Folly, whose blog title says it all:

Ballot, Soap, Jury, Ammo
Please use in that order.

They've taken away the ballet box through convicted fraud. They're in the process of taking away the soap box. And they're in process of taking away the jury box. Do they really want to keep whittling away our choices in the defense of Liberty?


leeann said...

I want a t-shirt that says "Fishy and Proud".

diamond dave said...

I'd prefer, "Come Smell My Fish".

Ricky Raccoon said...

From Jim Treachers blog (that is on the Internet):

"If Obama was an SEIU goon, he'd say, "I'm not punching you in the face" as he punched you in the face. And some people would believe him."

Ex-Dissident said...

Wow Joan, this was some post. I think Folly is busy sharpening up his shooting ability, but I greatly appreciate standing in the audience near your soapbox.

oceanguy said...

President Obama (pbuh) merely wants us all to have the freedom incumbent in submission to his will. If we just shut up and get out of the way, he will make everything nice.