Aug 14, 2009

Who the 'eff decides who is a "participating citizen"?

You know, the brothers Emanuel share a surname that means "God with us" but I'm not quite ready to bow the knee to such perfect examples of irony. For if ever there were a Devil, his ideas brood and grow in the minds of both men.

Meanwhile, the doublespeak and coinage of terms in the ongoing debate are making me more sure than ever that "non-participating citizens" is the broadest and most diaphanous of terms with Supreme Court-like penumbras of meaning that mean nothing good for that actual participating citizenry. You know, the ones paying taxes.

If there really were a policy of withholding government support programs to the non-participating individuals in our midst, the Democrats would lose their voting base.



PeggyU said...

Two evil brothers ... are they twins? You've got to wonder what the rest of the family is like.

Mad William Flint said...

To add to the irony...

Ari Gold from Entourage is a character modeled after a 3rd brother, Ari Emmanuel.

I swear I wouldn't be so surprised if they didn't have an uncle Saul.

kim said...

The Emanuels' real last name is Auerbach, if that makes you feel any better. Their father and uncle were members of the Stern Gang, the asassins and terrorists who worked with the Nazis to kick Britain out of Palestine and relocate Jews from Germany to the mandated territories.