Sep 27, 2009

Answering the Weekend Blogging Call

Damn if Dogette hasn't just all by herself. Well, she has called upon the Flying Monkeys to help. So you'd better just get with the program.

Dogette has had enough of the whole, "too good to blog on the weekend bullshit" and the adjunct, "too busy to comment," crap.

Did you think she was kidding? Oh no. Not she.

She's now cracking the evil whip on Beh-Bey Island and denying access to anyone who didn't comment on her posts this weekend. That's right. Leaving y'all out in the cold, cold, BlogNight to forever refresh your sitemeter and scan YouTube searches for "weird, funny shit" keywords hoping to find something blogworthy. She'll hear you knocking, but you'll be left to wonder what the rest of us are all laughing about.

Nyah. You've got 34 minutes to repent, peeps, and gain entrance into the bliss that is Beh-Bey Island, 'cause Dogette is likely running on Eastern Standard Time and doesn't give a good GotDamn about the rest of the time zones.


julie said...

Somehow, I got kicked out of Dogette's the last time, when she decided that anyone who didn't comment was either a bot or some kind of stalker. I commented because I still wanted to read her site, but it didn't help.

I do have an awful lot more time on my hands, though...

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yep. Dogette is a capricious godling of the blog world. A cruel pirate of the soggy blogosphere. Her misanthropy makes her doubly difficult and impatient. It's terrible to be her thrall and vassal; all work and no play I tell you!

Don't anyone interpret this post as a recommendation of her site, however. I was NOT paid to post it. She's stingy that way.