Sep 28, 2009

Ben & Jerry's: Visualize Whirled Health Care

Well, you guys fessed up about your pining for the redheads, I may as well cop to B&J's Karmel Sutra. It's all there: chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chunks and caramel.

And politics.

Here, dear reader, is my ask: forgive me in my weakness. I felt I could overlook the ice cream juggernaut its little sideline into the gay marriage debate. After all, I wasn't going to buy any Hubby Hubby ice cream. I conveniently set aside and justified the little dalliances with politics they engaged in because I chose to not fully inform myself. I weakly succumbed to the siren call of round molecules of sweet, frozen cream and silky, outrageous caramel. Oh, it was a delight!

Until I went to their website pages showing where their charity foundation spends its money:

Community Activism. Community Activism. Immigration Activism. Community Activism. Homeless Activism. Community Associations. Affordable Housing Activism.

They've proudly laid it out by fiscal quarters for the last twelve years. It's not all bad, there are some-- a few-- grants going to tangible projects. But the grant from last June, 2008, was for the following:

Private Health Insurance Must Go! Coalition New York, NY $1,000
New York City Health Care Teach-In, June 2008
PHIMGC is a direct-action coalition of two dozen New York organizations working to secure health care as a human right; to end the health care crisis in the U.S.; and to establish a federal law that guarantees the highest quality, comprehensive health care to all U.S. residents through a national single-payer health insurance plan. Funding was provided in support of a New York City teach-in focusing on the state of the health care crisis in the U.S.

And another grant in 2007:

Massachusetts Campaign for Single Payer Health-Care (Mass-Care) Boston, MA $10,000
Mass-Care is a state-wide network working to develop policies that will lead to the adoption of a comprehensive, effective and efficient health insurance program for Massachusetts. Massachusetts recently passed a law to provide health insurance coverage to about 500,000 residents who lack it. The program relies on a complex system of incentives and penalties and raises concerns that it will prove to be inefficient and inequitable. Funding was provided to enable Mass-Care to actively monitor program implementation to document shortcomings and develop achievable policy alternatives.
Ten thousand dollars to help bureaucrats figure out what was wrong with their plan? Shirley, you're joking!

Go peruse their website, if for no other reason than to educate yourself about the myriad ways in which communities "organize" themselves. And yeah, ACORN is in there in a few places. It's a Leftist, illiberal playground of social engineering.

Hey B&J are free to make ice cream and make good money from doing so. But I think I have rediscovered my strength and my moral backbone in my fight against the transient pleasures of the flesh. I'm not a food activist, nor am I on a boycott bandwagon, but when someone wants to proudly flaunt their politics along with their reckless disregard for my health with their calorie-laden confections, I'm thinking it's a small little step in the right direction to put down the spoon and back away from the ice cream.

Well. From their ice cream.


Ex-Dissident said...

For the past few years, I've been eating Haagen Dazs. I thought that Ben and Jerry's quality had deteriorated, and now I have another good reason to avoid their brand.

Sam (EOTIS) said...

You know, my woman and I love(d) Ben & Jerry's. We stopped buying it a long time ago because of their politics.

I hope their Karmel Sutra is at one with the Chunky Monkey...they haven't in a long time, and will never get any more of my money.

Mattexian said...

You're not alone, I gave their ice cream because of their politics too. I was pleasantly surprised that my HEB had as good a deluxe ice cream, made here in Texas, and without the smug self-righteousness.

Anonymous said...

Would that be Blue Bell, the best ice cream in the country?
Why would anyone eat B&J when BB was available?
Their politics made me vow in '04 never to patronize them, regardless. Something about a giant fire-farting statue of Bush.


Sparrow said...

Haagen Dazs it is! If they go funky and political, I will be very unhappy, though.

leucanthemum b said...

My mom got me a little ice cream freezer (Donvier) a few years back, & I go wild with Mom's frozen vanilla custard recipe & all my favorite add-ins (fudge sauce, chopped pecans, dried tart cherries, caramel sauce, Ghiradelli's dark chocolate chunks)... There's a reasonable facsimile of Mom's recipe here, if you feel industrious, not so virtuous.

I had to go there, because Früzen Glädje folded, I can't get Tillamook in this region, and Haagen Dasz doesn't quite do it for me. My substantial posterior says I'm not missing much by avoiding B&J for political reasons.

Jim - PRS said...

I would sooner eat a turd than Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

LauraB said...

Do not forget their support of Mumia Abu Jamal, murderer of an officer in Philly.

And, of course, Holder is being asked to intervene when the Supreme Court declined a new trial request...

joated said...

I used to wolf down (not savor--wolf) a pint of B & J's stuff every afternoon when I got home from work in the '70s. Excellent ice cream. Then they started going further and further into politics and social engineering and I decided my $$ wasn't going in that direction any more.