Sep 25, 2009

Guys Never Forget a Redhead.

I work in the biggest establishment of an adult beverage discount store in the entire area where I live. People drive in from two to three hours' away just to stock up. So, I've pretty much assumed that sooner or later, I'd meet just about everyone I know, or anyone I've ever worked with, at some point.

Former bosses, co-workers, and most any Episcopalian I ever knew (heh) have all walked through the doors, and that doesn't include the ones that didn't discover me there. Naturally, I would discuss various of these or anyone else with the J.R.

"Do you remember So-and-so?

"No. . ."
Now, a couple of days ago, a good former boss and ally that I worked with/for in the construction insurance business came through my line, but I did not recognize her. Our work relationship was awesome, but brief. I remembered her as a valiant and smart professional with a pure heart and pure joy for life. She saw my name tag, stopped, and looked me square in the eyes and said my name with that sort of recognition that you hope is. . . good?

I returned the look and it was so, so wonderful to see those eyes, that smile, and feel her strength and goodness wash over me. She embraced me and gave me a sweet peck on the check that was full of love and friendship. "God's got you everywhere, girl!" she laughed. I was so warmed by her brief visit, after having hit a wall of emotion the day before, that I knew she was still a gift in my life. Just wonderful, even after ten years of not seeing each other.

That evening I told the J.R. my latest do-you-know-who-I-saw-today? story:

"I couldn't believe it, Lisa Lowrey came through my line today!"

"Who?" he says.
Now I worked with Lisa for all of 4 months, and the J.R. had only met her once.

"I worked with her at CIS," I proffer.

"Oh yeah. The redhead!"
See what I mean? Not only was she all those nice and meaningful things I said about her, she was memorable in a way that really mattered to a guy: red hair.

It's why, on occasion, I've been a decided red-head. Sometimes a girl has got to go with the marketable attributes that don't involve physical disfigurement or surgery. For under $10 a woman can transform the very way she is perceived simply by enlisting the help of Miss Clairol. Blonde works well in low doses in the workplace; a bit of youth and light to the crown has a positive effect when done properly and demurely. But poor Brunettes just have an uphill battle on every front. Sure, it's the classic "Mary Ann or Ginger?" dilemma for some guys. But consider Ann Margaret, Vanessa Redgrave, Maureen O'Hara, Renee Russo. Epic beauties all; indelible in the male imagination.

Every guy thinks he wants a red-headed gal, but it takes a McClintock of a man to abide peacefully with one:

So, a question for the men: Like Charlie Brown, do you still remember the little red-haired girl with a wistful sigh?


The J.R. said...

Her name was Emily. I was 54 - I mean 14. No, wait. Francis and I was 36 - I mean 17. No, wait. Candace and I was. . . Damn it's hard to comment when you know the wife is going to see it.

Ricky Raccoon said...

What'd you say after red head?

pamibe said...

..can't believe you posted the McClintock vid; I have it out to watch!

My husband's first wife was a redhead. When I ask what attracted him? Yep... her beautiful red hair...

PeggyU said...

And of course, there was Raquel Welch.

mushroom said...

I don't know -- Maureen O'Hara had a couple of other things going for her.

Jim - PRS said...

I do. I believe I was 14, and she was born in Ireland. It was a G-Rated thing.

Sam (EOTIS) said...

Only if they have a patch to match.


jwm said...

Redheads. Hmmm.
Chased a few.
Caught two.
Twice I come to grief from those redheads.
Wistful sigh?
Uh, yeah-like Tokyo getting all nostalgic for Godzilla.

(My wife's a blonde.)


Laura said...

The only time you don't enjoy being a redhead is during childhood. But, you know, the teasing probably made me stronger and most likely bitchier.

CGHill said...

Redheads, alas, have never had the slightest interest in me.

Come to think of it, neither have blondes, which pretty much kills that whole "Dumb Blonde" business right there.

og said...

I had a redheaded wife many years ago. It was trouble. And my first love was a redheaded girl with freckles that I still remember to this day, remember what she looked like, remember how she smelled. As Michaleen Flynn said "That red hair's no lie!"

dick said...

I was redheaded as a kid, so I see nothing special about em. Me? I'm a fan of long brunette hair.

Anonymous said...

I have many fond memory's of the redheads I have known.


They are remarkable. I had red hair too till it turned gray and fell out


diamond dave said...

I've always been partial to redheads. And freckle-faced redheaded girls melt my heart every time.

PeggyU said...

dick - You are a very smart man to say that :) It raises your odds of success. There are probably more brunettes than redheads or blondes.

Van said...

"Not only was she all those nice and meaningful things I said about her, she was memorable in a way that really mattered to a guy: red hair."


Is... that supposed to be something over than a statement of the obvious? Isn't it a well known fact that phrases such as 'gentlemen prefer blondes' were started by the undecided, jealous, non-redheads?

"So, a question for the men: Like Charlie Brown, do you still remember the little red-haired girl with a wistful sigh?"

Well... yeah... but being the proactive sort, I married her.


joated said...

Oh yeah! She sat in front of me in freshman year in high scholl....that makes it 1963-64 if y'all are countin'. Like Charlie Brown, I just could not get up the nerve to ask her out, but I'll always remember that red hair and those oh so blue eyes!

Joan of Argghh! said...

I think I can rest my case. Ya'll are hopeless.

Still laughing a JWM's remark about Tokyo and Godzilla!