Sep 8, 2009


Meet Barnacle Bill. The JR and I found him on the beach this morning and a more macabre sight on a lonely beach you can't imagine. Well, I can't:

Is he not sublime in his ghoulishness? You simply must click the pic to embiggen and enjoy the absurd and somewhat poetic placement of various bi-valve invaders. He's too creepy for words and I can't wait for him to be photoshopped with an eye-patch and bandana and make him the pirate mascot for my blog.

As it was, he did a great job of keeping other beachgoers at a fair distance away from our little encampment of umbrellas and libations. I really, really, wanted to bring him home with me, but he's friggin' heavy and the stupid barnacles would stink up everything. So, we got some great pics and I just knew you'd never forgive me if I didn't share the joy.

Seriously? Dogette could use Barnacle Bill as a lawn ornament . He could stare at her nabes and damage their calm. My happy lil' heart of hearts just wanted to drag this cruller home and ship it to her.

With fair warning, of course.

Speaking of poetry:

This face you got,
This here phizzog you carry around,
You never picked it out for yourself
at all, at all—-did you?
This here phizzog—-somebody handed it
to you–am I right?
Somebody said, “Here’s yours, now go see
what you can do with it.”
Somebody slipped it to you and it was like
a package marked:
“No goods exchanged after being taken away”—-
This face you got.

-Carl Sandburg


julie said...

What a bizarre and delightful find. I'd have way too much fun with something like that.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh how I wish I could've had the time to preserve it somehow. But in a way, i enjoy the serendipity of such moments and think how fun it will be for the next person to find it.

I sometimes find fabulous conch shells and will leave them for a beachcomber kid walking just a ways behind me. Why not share the fun?

Jim - PRS said...


Beach Head said...

Dr. Hooper says that's no boating accident.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Sandburg. Makes me think I hazzent read enough, haz I?

Jean said...

ew. just...ew.


Doux said...

It's time for a dab-o Vicks and crime scene tape. Questions, I have questions. C'mon, you spread out the binky, had a few beers, took a few pics? What happened to 360? You've got a million empty frames in that digital. Didn't pull the petroleum product shovel from the petroleum product bucket, scoop down and around Ol' Bill's neck? The rest of him could be down there! Something important clutched in his hand, tied to his foot. At least you could have given him a good whack with your Tactical Tomahawk, seen what he's really made of. I, uh, um, ah, well, little help for the unimaginative? Did you kick around the beach possibly unearthing its compadres? You may have walked away from an archeological find that rivals Easter Island. Heavens to Betsy Joan - macabre, ghoulish, creepy beyond creepy - get back there and contain this thing! heh xo ;~)

Sam (EOTIS) said...

Cool...I think I know him.

pamibe said...

Bill is awesome in his freakishness. I want him.

Betsy said...

I've been wondering where I left that thing....

dick said...

I like it! And somehow, it would have found it's way home with me.

Edward said...

If it is a lawyer, apparently there was not enough sand

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, Edward, that's perfect!