Sep 19, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Mystery-shopped.

The Revolution will be Mystery-shopped, apparently.

And it's about time. Any large company providing services or goods to the public will hire mystery-shoppers to assure that standards are being maintained. They are looking for a certain set of practices and accountability that provide value to their consumers.

As taxpayers, we have no one to blame but ourselves if we have not, until now, discovered this valuable method of establishing a government program's effectiveness. We've left it to a long-trusted third party that has now proven itself as corrupt as the wolves it pretends to be sheltering the flock from. Indeed, hard to tell the watch-dogs from the wolves any more.

As for what the MSM can see, well, it sees what it is looking for. In the most benign assessment of any individual journalist, there is no malicious intent, no far-flung conspiracy. And in that, it is no different than any of us. Far be it from me to defend the criminal voter fraud or seemingly tacit racketeering of ACORN, but if we put ourselves in the MSM's shoes, we would be looking for the likely many stories of good deeds and heartwarming effectiveness because we would be inherently sold out to the do-gooderism of our imagined bridges to equality and the redistributive ethic.

Still, over the years, the MSM would have us believe that one story is representative of all stories, thus reducing every heartbreaking hard-luck story to a caricature of The Problem, every corrupt businessman to a two-dimensional avatar of evil. So, in this mindset the MSM can naturally act as though attacking ACORN is to attack the good things they may have accomplished or the grand ideals they espouse. (I don't know of any, but am willing to learn of them, and applaud them on individual and well-rounded merit.)

What are the American people looking for and who will show it to them? That's the Great Divide in our modern age. It's all one and the same thing with political figures; however much we think we know them, we are all projecting what we want to see onto them. It's what makes us cringe when another, Not of Our Grouplet, projects their agenda into our own aspirations: we want to own the Narrative. The Story is where the power lies, and the powerful will lie to own it. The Presidency is for puppets with small aspirations.

It's been heartwarming to see some young idealists upset the apple cart and kick sand in the eye of Sauron, but without the power of Breitbart's media machine, Murdoch's Fox News, and the networking of the blogosphere it might have faded into oblivion. Even so, ACORN is small potatoes in the larger scheme of The Narrative.

It's time for the next rung on the ladder to be mystery-shopped: The MSM. That's why I was hoping to see secretly taped footage of Giles and O'Keefe trying to convince some city editor of the hypocrisy of a "community organization" working actively to promulgate further erosion of values and livability in his town. Because after decades of watching the way my own local media outlets report the news, I have valid grounds to suspect there is money going into a Narrative of race-baiting and class-mongering that needs to be mystery-shopped.

I'm guessing the Pimp-daddy costume will be big this year for Halloween as all the Pirate costumes have all been snapped up by the government.

Maybe it's time to dress up as a Patriot and shop the Truth to as many as are looking for it.

We can easily see who isn't looking for it.


Mad William Flint said...

Brietbart was pretty interesting on Savage yesterday. (There's video someplace just beyond the ADD threshold of my brain's browser history.)

Apparently there's rather an awful lot more of this coming (on Acorn in particular.)

If I had my druthers, the next target of opportunity would be the ACLU.

Joan of Argghh! said...

ACLU would be a scarier target than most. For sheer target practice, may I suggest the Head Start program in NYC?

julie said...

I love that way of putting it. I mystery shopped for a little while, it was an interesting activity. Obviously, doing the same to the state has real effectiveness.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Well said, Joan!

"Because after decades of watching the way my own local media outlets report the news, I have valid grounds to suspect there is money going into a Narrative of race-baiting and class-mongering that needs to be mystery-shopped."

Yep! Follow the money. You can bet Soros has a hand in a lot of, shall we say unsavory mystery meat markets.