Sep 23, 2009

Tipping Point?


Just. . . sweet Savior, deliver us from evil.



diamond dave said...

I'm not sure how to properly react to this one. It's a horrible and senseless crime, but the government should take note just how unpopular it's become, particularly in rural areas.

Two thoughts come to mind - first of all, all this does is confirm to our elitist leaders that rural America is nothing but a bunch of dumb, inbred, ignorant racist hillbillies who are also potential terrorists. Second, would this qualify as a hate crime?

pamibe said...


mushroom said...

It can only be a hate crime if the victim turns out to be a member of a minority group or a practitioner of alternative sexuality.

The elitists don't need any confirmation. The 9/12 march on D.C. has already proven we are terrorists.

There could be other dynamics in this case. My guess is this isn't random -- that there's history between the parties involved and the perpetrator used the circumstances to cover the scent. I could be wrong, and it could just be some psycho, but I'll be surprised.

PeggyU said...

I agree with mushroom. They knew the guy and they are trying to throw investigators off the trail by trying to make it look like something it isn't.

Dick said...

We'll see, but I doubt it's even close to the tipping point. The feds are gonna have to go after Tea party folks, bloggers, Fox News, Right leaning radio, or the ex-administration before I twist.
Then, they're gonna hate me.

Ex-Dissident said...

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a completely different motivation for this murder. The left keeps looking for examples of right wing radicals but most of the ones they've pointed out were imposters.

Gecko said...


Anonymous said...

Nah. Them Kentucky Hillbillies have a long history of animosity towards "Feds". Can you say revenuers? Only today they're protecting pot fields instead of moonshine stills.
The J.R.

Velociman said...

Never ask a moonshiner or pot grower pointed questions. Let's just hope they didn't chase him around and f**k him like a pig first.

And "FED" could just be short for Cornfed. It's a term of endearment around Appalachia. They may have taken a shine to him before they kilt him.