Oct 7, 2009

The Dead Do Blog!

Okay, I'm totally skeeved out to see a 30-second web hit from a cemetery PLOT in Los Angeles. Wanna play along? Paste the logistics into your google map window and see for yourself:

34.0416, -118.2988

Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery to be exact. I wonder if I can find out who's buried there? It can't be that someone is finding a bit of repose and quiet in the cemetery and is using the wi-fi of the undead, can it?

Because, yeah, went to see Zombieland today. Totally fun, btw. Can you say, double-tap?

Meanwhile, who is blogging from a cemetery? Common zombie courtesy demands you leave a comment or a gurgle or something.


dogette said...

Today's zombies don't send thank-you notes or anything. Assholes.

Seriously, that's kinda trippy, though. With the right PR you could be the next "Lincoln's face in a baked potato" lady.

dick said...

Remember your cardio, because the fatties are always first to go.

dick said...

And yeah, I made the zombie clown into my avatar.

mushroom said...

Typical democrat voter registered by ACORN, no doubt.

jwm said...

Hmm, that might have been from me. But I'm not really undead, yet- at least I don't think I'm undead.
Wait. I'll go check...

(Glad you enjoyed Zombieland)


Anonymous said...

I totally believe zombies cruise the internets. That's why I have to disqualify them from entering my Zombie Survival Giveaways.
If they left a comment it would read like this- "Brainzzzz aaaggghhh mmmmm urgggg" or something along those lines.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I wonder. . . was there a funeral and some faux-mourner was just too bored to grieve, and cranked up the iPhone?