Oct 28, 2009

I'm pretty sure. . .

. . . that when I get a search term for, "hang together or hang separately" from a place like Saudi Arabia that it's likely more an inquiry into proper etiquette than a call for solidarity.


More enemies: the 3,856 people out there who haven't gotten around to hitting this blog and putting it over the paltry 100,000 mark. At least Google loves me.

Crap. I sweatagot that I'll start channeling Stacy McCain and I'll post pics of naked celebrities (thank you, Miley Cyrus!). Or trot out weird terms for perverse sexual proclivities until ya'll de-link me. Don't make me stop this blog and come back there!


Discuss: Who is the bigger whore, Levi Johnston or CBS? Which is more desperate? Nevermind, the Huffington Post is.


Doux said...

Well, uh, um, ah, where's the one knee kneel to the 45th anniversary of former POTUS Ronald Reagan's "Rendezvous with Destiny" barn burning speech? Thought to myself, if anybody .................

Small bore, long barrel, with optics and a coupla sandbags is the douxsolution to your rodent problem. Stay behind the window screen(cloak of invisibility), put that container of mineral oil you don't know why you have to good use. Report suppression. heh ;~)

PS 3K+, that's not really such a long list. heh heh xo

pamibe said...

As much as HuffPo disgusts me, I'd have to go with Levi. I'm sure he sees himself as quite an impish Jack the Lad, but the boy doesn't have two brain cells to rub together.

If I were Palin I'd tell him to cowboy up and say what he wants to say. Who will believe such a whore?

patti said...

Levi - didn't like that boy from the very beginning. Told himself "you watch, that kid will not man up". Little pig, hope he gets his.