Oct 10, 2009

The Nobel Prize: A Stroke of Genius from America's Enemies

Obama's greatest weakness is his overweening vanity and childlike sense of his own significance and privilege. Now there's some serious currency to work with! What's a power-hungry world to do? They decide to jerk him around like the puppet he is.

Let's see, he wants the Olympics, but how can our enemies frustrate his enormous ego? Suborn the IOC to deny Obama his heart's desire. In fact, send in a lie to the O-camp that it's so-o-o-o close, and only he can seal the deal. Prestige! Victory for his cronies! Irresistible! The gods of Olympus comply with the plan, since it makes them look very Powerful and Important and if there's one thing that aggravates the Important, it's others who would impose on that. Plus, Obama didn't bring any schwag to the table. Rookie mistake.

Shame and dishonor. Oh nohz!

Oh yes. There is more. Now they award him an international political shoe-horn to jam him into an tight place. Obama is a man with a resume so thin that he will certainly need something substantial to prop him up and lend prestige. A Nobel! Why would they want to prop him up? To knock him down further, of course.

By playing all sides against the middle the true peaceniks get a new best friend, and the hardball players get a wedge to work mightily between Obama and his military advisers: Obama now has a de facto mandate to work for non-nuclear proliferation. And Peace. He has.a.mandate. A Prize.

I could imagine that no matter what circumstances or new information may unfold, what new dangers our enemies may pose to Obama, he will be hobbled by his own vainglorious vision of himself. Now all happy and honored, he has every excuse to hold the line and not listen to the "warmongering Jews" around him, and still appear noble and above it all. He will be compelled to keep talking and making grand speeches, and as long as he's doing that, the U.S. will pose no defensive stance to anyone. The piggish Congresscritters will keep taxing and that will also pose no profit to anyone, and further compound the resentment and disillusionment currently felt by world's financial suitors toward the Great Whore of Babylon.

If you would destroy a leader, elevate him out of his own context and send in your own obsequious advisers that he'll cling to. Seems like both ingredients are firmly in place.

Obama's ponderous prize will weigh him down and I think someone else saw that.

Either that, or it's perfect cover for Obama's own destructive designs for us.

It's too perfect to be happenstance.


julie said...

Too perfect, and too crazy. But regardless of intentions, I think you've got a good idea about the results, though only time will tell.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, every now and then I have to channel that inner vigilance. I just don't trust things to be as they appear. I know it's not always that way, but my inner frightened child keeps wondering where the adults are. . .

jwm said...

Yasser Arafat. Kofi Anan. Mohammed El Baradei. Al Gore. Jimmy Carter...

Barack Obama.

Just wait until Teh Preznit starts dangling that big hunk a' bling in front of Amadinejad and company at the next U.N. meeting! He'll have ol' Mahmoud as jealous as a schoolgirl in no time. Mamoud's gonna' want a Peace Prize, and so will the North Koreans, and before you know it, we'll have peace breaking out all over the place. I can see the future. Stash some food. Load up. Open a cold one. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Put "Gimme Shelter" on the stereo, and turn it all the way up.
Limber up.


dogette said...

That IS perfect.