Oct 11, 2009

Please Ignore Previous Post

Like you already have, which shows your good sense.

Now, go read this cool and calculated piece of intelligent writing and be prepared to be disabused of any notion of stupidity being behind the Nobel Committee's decision. It's quite chilling.

I was skeptical of their reasons, but I couldn't imagine it was because they were stupid. And yet while I was casting about the river of my shallow acquaintance with international statesmanship, Summer Patriot was hauling in the day's limit.

I think his analysis has the ring of unpleasant truth, but I don't think others have wishfully missed it, it's just too easy to forget--in the blizzard of sheer words coming from the man-- that Obama really does mean what he says about Islam and Israel.

Or, it's Sunday. Maybe we can just enjoy a picture of cute little puppies.


qp said...

God and I luv ya for your keen eye and skill for re.minding us!

pamibe said...

Oh, crap. I got chills. Maybe should have looked at puppies instead...

diamond dave said...

I decided my blood pressure is too high, so I went for the puppies instead.