Oct 30, 2009

Rant of an Educated Man

A quiet man, if you will. Blogodidact is a velvet hammer of exposition and most of it is a painstaking labor of love and logic.

So imagine my supreme-- well, delight isn't the right word -- satisfaction in reading Van's latest, brief, visceral, blue-est yet true-est screed about term limits and the people who think they're a great idea.

Oh, he's right as the morning rain on a thirsty field of hope, but I fear we are long past the point of returning to that place of responsibility he so ardently outlines in a plain brown wrapper of truth.

Two minutes. Go.

Or at least go and swipe the logo at the top of his sidebar. heh.


patti said...

He is absolutely right -
And people can scream term limits all day long, it will never ever happen because they can only be achieved one of two ways - either the legislature votes term limits for themselves (right, they are going to legislate themselves out of power) OR the 38 states would have to ratify an amendment to the constitution. Again, this would be through state legislatures and those guys are always trying to climb to the national level, therefore, they will not vote themselves out of the future power they hope to have. Not Going To Happen.

Van said...

Thanks Joan.

It really does drive me nuts, people trying to get out of their own responsibilities, by substituting a law for their own thought... as I said, how in the [bleep] do they think we got into this situation in the first place?!


"Or at least go and swipe the logo at the top of his sidebar. heh."

I luv that one too... nails it, and the hugger, in one fell swoop!