Nov 16, 2009

Czars and Pensées

Geeze. If he had a protocol czar he would actually listen to, he couldn't continue to blame his mental dithering on his anguish over appearing like a leader with actual, y'know, dignity or respect for his country.

Stoat Weasel goes there. With righteous indignation and accompanying graphic.

Now you go there. The Obama quote from the Boston Globe is worth the price of admission. (Quite a revealing and frank admission, actually.)


Not into politics today? Pondering Christmas and its adjunct stress? How about getting your uninspired butt over to Jean's place and order something smart and classy for your literate friends? That's right, I expect my readers to be literate and have well-read friends who can correctly pronounce Pensées.

This cup is my favorite. I so want this cup for the office job I no longer have but would love to have again just so I can bring this coffee cup into the useless, droning, endless parade of meetings and set it down with a fine *clack!* on the conference table and stare at the assistant manager until he/she/it notices my unsolicited advice:

Hell, I may buy one to send to Obama. Actually we should all pick a member of Congress and send them this cup.

It's such a genteel way of saying, STFU!!



mushroom said...

I particularly like the fact that it is set on what appears to be a fungal outcropping.

And, by the way, I never would have guessed that your viciously delightful wit would be encased in such a cute wrapper.

julie said...

That is just awesome. Forget the mug - I think it should be law that every person elected to office have this phrase stamped across their forehead (forward and reverse, so they can read it in the mirror and their staff won't forget, either) for the duration of their term of office.

Jean said...

Ha! That is absolutely and without question or hesitation the best Pondering....... store plug I have yet or probably ever will receive.

Thank you, Joan!