Nov 30, 2009

The Gravity Of The Matter

Because the specter of immediate death helps the mind focus on reality, you simply don't mess around with gravity. Why, everyone has experienced The Tick's proclamation that, "Gravity is a harsh mistress," which is why physicists can't ban together in a secret cabal to fool the governments of the world into giving them money.

It's why the word "physics" has no "F" in it. You don't eff around with gravity. Unless your numbers are right:

Effin' awesome!

h/t The Presurfer


julie said...

That's both insane and awesome.

ZZMike said...

Why was he driving a putt-putt-mobile?

36 mph? He could have used a skateboard.

(That's a great version of "Mythbusters".)

Jim - PRS said...