Nov 18, 2009

It's Not Left or Right Anymore

It's Up or Down. It's Truth or Lies.

The gasp-inducing twisting of the truth is now what separates us. It's not even politics anymore. Every day into the Obama administration is a crystalline lens bringing this sad reality into focus. The blur and the gray are sharpening into unmistakable and irreconcilable differences.

It's not that we can't agree on facts, we aren't even allowed to know them anymore. Just knowing things has become a point of separation. If you know the reality of how wealth is created and distributed you are now a racist or worse (if the Media could invent something politically worse than racism, it would have by now.) If you understand the difference between climate and weather and how the sun is the main engine of our life, you are an unconscionable drain on the planet and your knowledge means nothing.

Do you live in some state other than New York or California? You can't possibly know anything at all, can't be seriously considered for leading a kindergarten class much less a country. Only the Media knows how to lead.

Do you know why 2+2=4? You are in mortal danger. Only George Soros is allowed to know that, and if you so much as let on that you know it, too, you will be denounced as a sorcerer.

That is why Sarah Palin is right to go after the Media instead of the Democrats. They are not the GOP's problem. The Media is the GOP's problem. In fact, it's everyone's problem, and the more we focus on Party, the less energy we'll devote to the pot-stirrers, the instigators and name-callers, the machine that grants its capricious and pernicious rights to its own annointed while telling all others to go pound sand, or get pounded.

If Americans of good will could announce that the most benign and munificent God Himself got the nod for candidacy, the Media would howl with indignant sneers and smug self-righteousness that He wasn't smart enough for the job. Get over it, mainstream America, and get on with your own course, because it's for sure the Media will NEVER, EVER love you. Ever. Get over it. They have an agenda of superiority and a desire to subjugate us back into the Stone Age.

It's a wonder we're not worshiping fire. We certainly smell of the smoke.


Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Barackalypse, You've got that right. You're also right about the Media being the problem.

Sal said...

I keep telling everyone: Obama is a chastisement, in the Biblical sense.
Joan, I love it when you are en fuego!

PeggyU said...


I can't help but think the large population of lawyers in this country has something to do with it as well. It seems like they benefit from every exchange conceivable. Journalists and lawyers. Same slime, different name tag.

This video, stolen from Magic Negro Watch, about summed it up for me.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, Joan.
I mean left.

(someone had to say it)

BTW, I can't believe they're still saying Palin isn't qualified.
No shame.

jwm said...

You risk being reported to the EPA for generating virtual second hand smell of smoke. And you risk a CPSIA lawsuit from the Atty General's office because someone out there may be virtually chemically sensitive, and that second hand smoke smell caused them irreparable injury. They're watching you for our own good- and yours, of course.
Be Careful.

and watch that carbon footprint...


joated said...

And I want to know who the asshole is that decided that if you didn't graduate from one of the stupid (literally) Ivy League Schools you shouldn't run for President or Vice President.

Actually, I wonder if those who belittle a state university education so much realize how condescending that is? Or that there are far, far more graduates of state universities than from the Ivy League cesspits.

pamibe said...

I love the way you cut through the bull, Joan. This is one of those posts that make me believe you should write a book... ;)

Van said...

Pardon a longish quote, but it really fits, from Richard Mitchell's "Graves of Academe",

"IN THE COUNTRY of the blind, the one-eyed man is, as we all know, king. And across the way, in the country of the witless, the half-wit is king. And why not? It's only natural, and considering the circumstances, not really a bad system. We do the best we can.

But it is a system with some unhappy consequences. The one-eyed man knows that he could never be king in the land of the two-eyed, and the half-wit knows that he would be small potatoes indeed in a land where most people had all or most of their wits about them. These rulers, therefore, will be inordinately selective about their social programs, which will be designed not only to protect against the rise of the witful and the sighted, but, just as important, to ensure a never-failing supply of the witless and utterly blind. Even to the half-wit and the one-eyed man, it is clear that other half-wits and one-eyed men are potential competitors and supplanters, and they invert the ancient tale in which an anxious tyrant kept watch against a one-sandaled stranger by keeping watch against wanderers with both eyes and operating minds. Uneasy lies the head.

Unfortunately, most people are born with two eyes and even the propensity to think. If nothing is done about this, chaos, obviously, threatens the land. Even worse, unemployment threatens the one-eyed man and the half-wit. However, since they do in fact rule, those potentates have not much to fear, for they can command the construction and perpetuation of a state-supported and legally enforced system for the early detection and obliteration of antisocial traits, and thus arrange that witfulness and 20-20 vision will trouble the land as little as possible. The system is called "education."

The ONLY long term hope we have, is Educating ourselves on our own, and as soon as possible, destroying the leftist-educationista complex, which is the Hydra the Media and Politico's sprang from.

Btw, I've got a short list at the bottom of my latest post, that can help you to become a truly hated and feared two eyed monster.

And of course, if you're feeling up to drawing the sword from the stone, Excalibur waits for you here.

PeggyU said...

Actually, I wonder if those who belittle a state university education so much realize how condescending that is?

Joated: Yeah, that was one of the things that really chafed my ass. Palin went to University of Idaho. This is the same school my brother (a successful engineer) and my sister-in-law (a successful graphic designer) went to. It is a fine school! Listening to the elite asses braying and deriding Sarah's educational background really drove home their ignorance, arrogance, and condenscension. I take it personally!