Nov 14, 2009

Straight Road. No Traffic. $2.1 Million Bugati eats it.

(Note: No Pelicans Were Harmed in this Parody)

Bugati Driver: dude, i'm am so f'ing fly in this car!

Member of the Posse (MOP): dude, where r u?

BD: burnin' road dog. u wish y wuz me! 2 mil Bugati!

MOP: send a pic u dawg!

BD: 'k. brb. . .



MOP: yo, dude where r u?

h/t to the ever-useful Director Blue


Edward said...

Ah, the dangers of texting while driving.

And the lying idiot said that he had been distracted by a pelican flying across in front of his car.

Delicious justice! Richly deserved!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, I have no idea if he was texting or not, or possibly looking for an insurance settlement to pay off the loan. Heh!

Irrelephant said...

And they just took the Brown Pelican off the Endangered Species List too. I wonder if they're gonna put multi-million dollar Bugattis on in place of the bird?

joated said...

Ole' BD is, indeed, and idiot.

Anonymous said...

A friend and I were talking about this yesterday and determined (a)this guy is an IDIOT, and (b)he doesn't even deserve to have a cell phone much less a Bugatti Veyron. Just a guess but I'm pretty sure some people can't buy there way into looking cool and Bugatti Boy here is there King.


ZZMike said...

Dang! Video pulled, by one "Joe M Garza".

However - youtube is all over it. This may be the one:

Complere with recovery. Headline says car is worth "1.7 million". I assume that's "before lake".

No word on driver.