Dec 25, 2009


Sure hope everyone is safe and warm out there! I could never do it, never live up North. I'd be found shivering, huddled in my car and near-comatose from exposure and fear. God bless y'all for your fortitude and hearty bone structure or whatever it is that keeps you alive in all that Climate Change.

Headed west to Atlanta tomorrow, but fear I'll get stuck on the bypass out near the malls. If you don't hear from me in a few days, just know that I'm passing time on the gridlocked Interstate by listening to my new iPod. My Luddite creds were stacking up a bit too quickly, so yeah, it's a step back toward new technology. Late adapter, I know.


Lots of newsy stuff to share. Ess too much, alemmee summup:

Resigned job at super-duper alcohol emporium. My tendons are grateful. All of them.

Have new job lined up for Jan. 4 with a financial group. Temporary project for 10 months.

Have solid contact/former boss here in Chucktowne who wants to hire me. Soon.

A government agency is begging me (two urgent emails yesterday) to come in and take my test so they can move forward in hiring me. After today's news, I can see why. Please disregard my prior concerns about the expansion of government jobs. Thank you.


I hate when I accidentally publish a post before I'm done. Okay, I'm done now.


patti said...

Don't surprise me none that you'd be a hot commodity and in high demand and all that :)
Get them all in a bidding war, should be fun :)

leeann said...

What patti said. So very cool that your worth is being recognized!

vw= booden... where ghosts hibernate.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ghosts is right. I used to work for this man almost 20 years ago, and I somehow remembered a couple of days ago that he had moved to C-town, so I googled him up, dropped in, never asked for a job. In the midst of catching up about family and life paths he stopped, looked at me with one eyebrow raised and asked for my contact info, told me his budget concerns but definitely wanted what skills I could bring to the table.

He called me the next day to bring up the possibility once again, but we left it at, "que sera'" and in the ObamaNation, that's shaky ground. Still, it was nice to see a familiar face. Doesn't hurt that he's within one of the oldest and most influential circles of the Holy City. . .

PeggyU said...

God bless y'all for your fortitude and hearty bone structure or whatever it is that keeps you alive in all that Climate Change.

Erm ... I like to think of it as "insulation".

PeggyU said...

I hope you get a lucrative private sector job and that much fame and fortune come your way next year :)

pamibe said...

Congrats on the career advancement! :D
Make 'em beg!!

Now that I have time I'm going to fulfill a promise to myself and read your Christmas posts!
Stay safe!

Holder said...

That's great news. I hope it pans out for you. Do you still have my phone number? Maybe we can hook up while you are around.

dogette said...

Good news!

As far as you hitting "publish" before you're finished writing, you know, it's our responsibility as your readers to pay attention and check the box for the prize at the bottom.

BTW, HRD sends butt-sniffage to P-Dog.

Edward said...

Congratulations on securing your new job. May 2010 be a great year for you, and lead to better things.

Bou said...

Well here is to hoping you land the job of choice and you love it! I have to admit, the alcohol emporium job provided some great blog fodder.