Dec 4, 2009

Climate Gate Code Logic Revealed!! Exlusive!!

[Update: Looking for the Real Code?]

An East Anglia researcher reveals ClimateGate code's underlying logic:

. . .Here's my wife's formula: Start at the age you wish to remain for all time. This is your "desired age" or "DA" Then every year, subtract the number of years since you started the lie from your current "DA" to arrive at your "Adjusted Age Related to Personhood" or "AARP." To avoid confusion, it's easier to just call this number your "age." Like climate "sceintists," you will likely find that as your "actual age" diverges from your "desired age" it is necessary to make certain "adjustments" (e.g. face lift, lips suction, etc...) to reconcile your "actual appearance" with the effects of facts adjust for time and decompensation. Eventually, you can hire a democrat working at the Bureau of Vital Records as a "consultant" to destroy your birth certificate and claim it was lost. Of course, then you will need to kill anyone in your immediate family and friends who knows your actual age, but hey, that's what SEIU is for. Hope this helps, and Merry Festivus."

h/t to Daryl's comment at Big Government! The Blogosphere is bloated with blogs; what it needs is better commenters like Daryl.