Dec 11, 2009

Facebook Seppuku

Rob Sama points to a pitch-perfect echo of the ennui that is social networking: Virtual Suicide for Your Facebook Account: Facebook Seppuku.

Oh yes! Drop out of the Intartubes with your dignity intact. It even provides a memorial page.

Face it, most Internet users are slightly misanthropic anyway, and given to an internal drama that the ritual of Seppuku suits perfectly.

Oh, yeah. I think I still have a MySpace account floating around out there, too.

If I could just market a virtual urn for the ceremony. Hello, StoatWeasel?


Yabu (EOTIS) said...

"virtual urn for the ceremony"

You are the one. I want in on this deal.

dogette said...

That is awesome. Pissed I didn't think of it, but we need this for blogs and Twitter accounts too, all of it.