Dec 29, 2009

From Blogging Our Farts to Hiding the Decline: Social Media Comes of Age

It's a curse: being able to write grand, sweeping, epic titles for my mediocre blog posts.

Still, made ya look! Hey, as long as you're here I thought maybe instead of the usual "looking back" crap that is having its annual tyrannical rule of the Intartubes, maybe we could look ahead and be all Hopey/Dopey about the New Year and we can wish for ponies and kittehs and self-cleaning kitchens.

I do have some things I'd like to see happen in the last year of this decade, however.

1. I would like to see the realization of Rev. Manning's particular and invigorating vision of an America no longer held hostage by the term, "racist!" Part of that would be to completely deride anyone who unjustly employs that term and treat them as though they had just invoked Godwin's Law. We need to call it "Sharpton's Law" [Manning's Law?] and anyone who stupidly throws the Race Card as a serious argument within intelligent dialogue must forfeit their position and be hooted out of the discussion.

2. I would like for item Number 1 to be extended to include a vision for the TSA's hands to be untied by the ACLU so that they may politely and courteously investigate any doubt about the intentions of passengers who fit a common profile of all known terrorists. (You and I know that there is one. Hint: Not a one of them has been a blue-haired grandmother.) Until that time, we shall have to defer to the collective intelligence of people who DON'T WANT TO DIE as trumping all the collective intelligence of the US Congress, the FBI, CIA, the ACLU and CAIR.

3. I would also like to see item Number 1 adjusted for any discussion thread where the Mainstream Dinosaur Media is put forth as a source of information, as though it were the Last Word in the search for Truth. Cite Cronkite, Rather, NBC's exploding trucks, and AGW.

4. In the public arena of work, tender feelings must not be spared. If your work or ideas suck, you need to hear it. If you are lazy, you need to be fired without assuming you are a victim of some sort; it's your co-workers who have been victimized by your drama and slack. You want pathos and sympathy? Well, you should foster more of it in your family life. That's what a home is for. Remember? Create a loving home and you won't need to cry at work. Work is for work and if it was a self-help clinic we'd call it that. It's work. Either take a mental health day or get busy. The push to make our workplace our home is despicable.

5. The retail industry's nonsensical approach to scheduling its employees so as to make home life impossible is equally despicable, as long as I'm ranting.

There. I feel better letting that out. Ten years later and I guess all we're doing is still blogging our farts.


leeann said...

May I vote twice for #5? Not that I have a personal bias or anything. :)

Anonymous said...

Made a deal with the airlines- if they won't do what is necessary to ensure our safety, then I won't give them my business.
That's fair, right?

Jim - PRS said...

I'm in on all five.

PeggyU said...

I still think that an airline that upholstered its passenger seats in pig leather and let it be known would make a lot of money.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

I'm way downtown with #5...