Dec 10, 2009

Gator Hater

This guy has a two-bag limit on his license, but he makes the most of it with a 13'4" 1,000 lb. trophy. I've been to this lake many a time, once even had a snake encircle my gams before he swam away. I screamed for a full minute. They could make a monster movie at Lake George:

Note the two holes caused by the .44 Magnum bang stick:

"They battled the creature for 30 minutes before bringing it near their small boat, shooting it in the head with a .44 magnum bang stick.The “fun” began after they’d killed the alligator, as it took 90 minutes to load the estimated 1000 pound beast into their boat. Then another 90 minutes passed as they ran their boat at idle speed back to the ramp because the skiff would not get up on plane due to the excessive gator weight."

Thanks to Catfish for the scary pics!

See, Keesie? Texas doesn't have a corner on the BIG market.


leeann said...

Dibs on the handbag and matching shoes!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, that would amount to the front paw of that monster.

I want the rest for a car cover for the Miata.

PeggyU said...

My word! That thing is huge! Really, I had no idea ...

Froth said...

Those pics made me actually cringe. Just totally creeped me out. Holy fucking sheep shit.
You had a snake around your legs!?! In the water?
Honestly, I'm sweating dry sweat right now.
They're evil.
Tho I could use a hobo bag myself.

ZZMike said...

Where's PETA when you need them? (The "A", of course, stands for "'gators".)

Mad William Flint said...

What does one even DO with that much gator?

(or frankly, any gator at all aside from Leeann's shoes.)

joated said...

There's lots of good eatin' on that gator. Just ask anyone from Cajun Country. (Not to mention Leean's shoes, purse, coat--make it a full length duster, etc., etc., etc.)

Jim - PRS said...

Those pictures gave me the heebie jeebies.

Sal said...

Ever watched the way they walk- when they're on land? That is just WRONG.
Thanks for the creep-out.

Um, Joan- we don't care about having the biggest of stuff like alligators...

KeesKennis said...

Aww what a cute little thing.
They killed it for what?
At a mere 1000 lbs they should have kept it alive or tagged and released it. What a waste.
Cute photogs get nice shots but better and BIGGER it is not.
Somewhere in the Australia nogal there is a 2000 lbs boytjie wating for you.
455 kg is an average croc shot in the Delta in Botswana. The tour/hunting guides will offer you 2 others if they think your target is 500 kg's or more. That's standard.
Come hunting for cows, you.