Dec 21, 2009

Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything

LeeAnn, Dogette, and Laura made me do it:

Totally strange. Pretty soon there will be a Formspring Seppuku site for killing it off. Until then, come on up and see me sometime.


ZZMike said...

Formspring doesn't like my IE6. It points and laughs. ("Your browser is so-o-o-o last year.")

It lets Firefox into the foyer. Unfortunately, the conversation isn't up to your usual scintillating standards.

Speaking of Facebook (I was, that's who), there's an article in a recent paper titled something like "How to keep your privacy on Facebook". I thought the whole idea behind Facebook was to erase your privacy and extend your persona onto the whole world.

People are weird.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, I'm not sure I'm gonna like Formspring. The questions are lame and my responses are lackluster and boring.

And yeah, people are weird, but whaddaya gonna do?