Dec 9, 2009

I Want a New Political Party and I Want to Name It

From my comments left elsewhere:

I don't think it's accurate anymore to talk about Zombie Reagan. He lives on in the hearts of true conservatism.

It's the GOP that is the walking dead, and far past reanimation. I lived through the results of Perot's bid, and we all survived it. We may not survive the merging of the GOP with the Dems, however, which is what Newt and McCain and all of the other worshipers of the Expedient Moment have given us. Perot was ill-timed, not ill-conceived.

As I posted elsewhere, every fiber of my being told me what I wanted to know after the November elections. Indeed, after the nomination of McCain: it's dead, Jim. Dead. Not pining for the fjords. Not resting its eyes.

I don't want a "new" GOP. I want to mourn the old one and then go to the pound and find some feisty, non-blueblooded, half-wolf halfbreed of a political party and name it "Spike" or some such. Tired of the baggy-pantsed, wrinkly, old elephant.


Don't get me started with the horrible label of "Tea Party" which continues to evoke the GOP elitist mentality.

I'm calling it the New Whiskey Rebellion!

And yeah, straight up, but far from neat.


Yes, I am in command of my faculties and don't arrive at too many places by accident!

"Tea Party" is so weak a moniker as to make me think the AP named it, and not any real patriot.

However, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka could be shortened to the Firefly Party and I'm all about misbehavin'. . .


pamibe said...

I vote for New Whiskey...

patti said...

I'm in

ZZMike said...

"... it's dead, Jim. Dead. Not pining for the fjords. Not resting its eyes."

It is, for sure, a former party.

There have been at least two news stories in recent days of the National GOP endorsing Candidate A, when Candidate B outpolls them 5:1.

It's an odd situation. The Democrats want to ruin the country; the Republicans wnt to ruin themselves. And here are we - in the middle.

The problem with 3rd parties is that the System is rigged against them. The Donkeys and Elephants have so much money, and are so good at attacking outsiders (OK, the Left has us beat on that one) that any newcomers are going to get stomped.

Unless we can appeal to the Voters - but then, over half of them voted for the tall skinny guy with big ears.

Hope does not spring eternal - it don't even get out of bed these days.

joated said...

"Firefly Party"....mmmm....I like that. Unfortunately, didn't the Browncoats lose? (Not saying they weren't right!)

Sal said...

True, Mike.
Yet, what voting for an (R) even while holding your nose teaches them is that we'll vote for any (R) almost, that they put out there. So they keep on doing it.
This is like giving your dog a treat because it only peed on the carpet, instead of pooping on it.

I'm about ready to 'waste my vote',
'cause the pragmatism of sticking with the (R) sure isn't working.

Bob said...

I was daydreaming about a New Isolationist Party just this very morning.

dogette said...

I like New Whiskey Rebellion! Hate the elephant, hate the old fart, hate the snooty old guard assholes. Hate the religious quacks. Hate that I can't "hate."

Bob: That's one awesome avatar you have there.