Dec 17, 2009

I've Been Admin-Slapped by Breitbart's Big Government

For posting the following after being quiet for no less than 10 posts on the subject of the perverse nature of Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" and the explicitly activist nature of his agenda. {Link warning! Explicit material there! Barf-inducing.}

I've edited it by adding a few words for clarity:

So, if I assume an intellectual approach to the vile essay, [the one cited by Hoff] can I conclude that homosexuality is sometimes taught and learned, and not [always] something you're born with?

Because the [activist] homosexual community cannot reproduce in kind, they can only recruit, they need a plan and resources. If they want more of a political block of power, they must recruit. It's not education, it's recruitment by humiliation and abuse; a Stockholm Syndrome of Sexuality that confuses young minds that are not equipped to process the information in a mature way. The activists know exactly the results of their agenda.

That is what Conservatives detest about the activism of so-called gays, and what is impossible to explain to the gnat-brained MSM. We're not homophobic. We're just not going to let anyone with a socio-politico-relgio agenda have access to our children. We have a right and duty to protect the young and immature from undue influence from any other adult we deem a negative influence, if not an outright depravity.

But our legislators are determined to lend credence to activist perversion as another "oppressed" class. Another source of income and bribes for our representatives.

The Left can't win the war of ideas, they can only pervert the Truth and buy out the morally compromised.

Anyone who cares to discuss ACTIVIST homosexuality for the purpose of perverting and recruiting the young, feel free to enlighten me as to why this would have been objectionable.

Update: I love Breitbart's work and all he is doing, so please don't take this post as a negative about the impact of BigGovernment or BigHollywood. I'm a huge fan of both sites.


rckmom said...

Thank you for posting this here..I don't know why they deleted your post because it is all true!! This is just too disgusting for words!!!

Francis W. Porretto said...

Sometimes the undecorated truth is the sharpest offense one can deal out.

God bless you, Joan.

StlDan said...

I do not understand why it was removed either, good job though.

julie said...

I don't understand either, unless even Big Government is infected by the PC mind parasite stipulating that gays are born that way, nobody would choose to be gay, and anyone who suggests otherwise based on such things as behavior and the high percentage of gays who were molested as children is an evil homophobe.

Stipulating the above as true, the GLSEN material is objectionable simply because it is pornographic and grossly inappropriate for children and young teens, not because it represents any activist recruitment program, since gays aren't made by experience, they're just born that way. By that measure, your comment is out of line.

Even though really, you were just stating the truth. It's a shame even Breitbart's organization apparently buys into that fantasy. That's the only reason I can think of for the deletion.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, after 10 comprehensive posts that object to Jennings based on his active participation in a group that condones, promotes, and purports to encourage oppressed gays (as young as 1st Grade!) I would think I'm right on target with my thoughts.

However, the bit cited by Hoff was definitely a story, a fiction, that speaks specifically to abusive behavior toward a young man. The implication is that this abusive experience opened him up to his inner proclivities. It's bullshit. It's recruitment. It's evil, just as evil as someone recruiting a young child for religious or political purposes.


virgil xenophon said...

Excellent post, Joan. Right on tgt to the essence of the matter. Only reason I can think of is that Brietbart is hyper-sensitive to the, lets face it, huge homosexual crowd/Mafia in both Hollywood and the MSM and doesn't want to be frozen out of the various media venues he's started to be successful in gaing access to and garnering valuable face time with a slightly left of center to undecided audience to which, heretofore he lacked access. In short, he doesn't want to blow it. So, feeling perhaps that he has bigger fish to fry by nibbling around the edges on various other topics, he has elected to eschew a head on confrontation at this early stage until he has a firmer foothold on the assault beach of public opinion--worried that being labeled homophobic would turn people off to his pov about a whole range of issues.

I perfectly willing to be proved wrong, but that's my quick intuitive take absent any detailed knowledge on my part.

Anonymous said...

I don’t get it, Joan. I don’t think what you posted is offensive. I’m offended by them deleting it.
But then again, earlier today, I was reading this great post (it is lengthy) by the Ochlophobist. He’s brilliant.

julie said...

Virgil, that's a good point.

Re. Breitbart in general, I agree the work he does is extremely valuable. It's always possible, too, that it was the whim of an offended moderator or just as Virgil said, someone who figured your particular points are too risky just now.

Though again, given all the material and the context, I can't entirely see why.

mushroom said...

I don't see anything wrong with it.

Julie brings up a good point -- "no one would choose to be gay." So does that mean it's a bad thing? Is is a genetic deviation that one must endure, like, say, juvenile diabetes? Or is it a healthy and acceptable alternative lifestyle? If it's the latter, why wouldn't someone choose it?

That seems to be way the "recruiters" are pushing.

And that makes me think of the Village People singing "In the Navy" or "Join the Navy" or whatever it was.

pamibe said...

Why don't you run for office? Intelligent, logical, erudite, a wonderful communicator... you're perfect!


Anonymous said...

Hi Joan. As a reader / lurker, this one made me comment! I agree with you completely. Don't worry - I'll "watch mysef."

PeggyU said...

Joan: I'm absolutely in agreement with you on this. That was so well written! I am surprised it was rejected. The truth is often uncomfortable, but it needs to be said. I'm sharing it, if you don't mind!