Dec 5, 2009

Pit Bull Terrier vs Porcupine: Pricks Win This Round

Yes, the dog is fine, now:

Seems a porcupine trespasser loaded up this poor dog; a dog with more heart than brains. It also looks as though the dog didn't take a few fired off quills as a warning and went in with jaws snapping, actually trying to grab the beastie. The vet sedated the pup and pulled 1,347 quills from his skin!

Man, that's about one quill for every day since Obama was elected until we kick his butt to the curb, btw. Or a quill for every ten pricks in D.C. And just about as painful. I'm off to find some fine sedative to alleviate the suffering.

Update to make you feel better: From Urban Legends:

...these pictures are authentic. They were originally posted by the dog's owner on a community message board on May 25, 2005. The terrier's name is Inca.

"Thousands of quills were embedded even in her tongue," her owner explained. "The vets worked for quite some time to get quills out and even still could not get them all. The ones that are left will work themselves out over time. Inca is home and on antibiotics and pain killers."

In a follow-up post dated July 13, Inca's owner reported that "she is just fine and has just the odd broken bit come out once in awhile. Other than that she is back to her old self."


leeann said...

OMFG! Poor little pup pup! Kind of actually makes me gag a little to look at that.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Now that's saying something! *turducken* *coff!*


leeann said...

Come and git yer popcorn!
And I just realized my last comment was a tad on the "taking things literally" side, but in my defense, it's cocktail night here.

VW= glark.. the noise I make seeing Porcupine Pup.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, if it serves as a reminder to pet owners to keep a wary eye out for their more ferocious species of pet, I'll have considered it a public service.

I've seen dogs with a handful of quills in their nose, but this guy just didn't take "no" for an answer!

julie said...

Oh, that hurts just to look at! Poor, insane pooch. I'm pretty sure it's got a wide streak of crazy - neither of mine would face off after getting one quill in the nose, much less take that as a sign to clamp down and dig in harder. And how did she not end up blinded?!

PeggyU said...

Oh, my, word!!! That's awful! Somewhere there has got to be a porcupine that is as smooth as a bowling ball! I wonder what they look like without their quills?

pamibe said...

GAK! Poor pup! I'm glad you posted the update; it makes looking at her easier, I think.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

When I was a young kid, my dog had an encounter with one. He broke for cover after he took a few to the snout. I pulled 'em out. This Pit Bull is either stupid, crazy, or going through a pack initiation.

Back before fences and leashes when dogs chased cars, a friend of mine was attacked by one...her father shot it...and she was okay...a few stitches on her leg.

Ever since then, I've been wary of the breed. I love dogs as much as you do, but a Pit Bull has the aggressiveness and relentless pursuit in it's genes.

GUYK said...

I was training a pointer one time in Montana...the pup pointed a porky...looked about like that.

joated said...

Hopefully Inca learned her lesson and has given porkies a wide berth since then. Still, makes me shudder just to look at those pics.

Velociman said...

Something like that happened to a friend of mine in a Malaga bordello.

diamond dave said...

Holy shit. Glad to hear the dog's doing better, that's awful to look at.