Dec 11, 2009

Sixteen Tons

If slavery was wrong then, it's wrong now. And it's wrong for whomever it enslaves, no matter the color of their skin. Slavery is the issue, not the skin color. Right? In talking about horse-thievery and crime we were kicking around the way the concept of a just punishment should not preclude the concept of Justice or right and wrong.

So. Slavery. Taking away the independent personhood of another by force, and forcing them to work for your profit, your sustenance, your way of life.

That goes for the Company Store model, too. You're forced to buy your goods, necessities of life, from The Company Store, which overcharges you and waters down the milk, and the cost of these things is greater than your wages. Wage Slave as a term was relegated to the analogy category for the debt-ridden middle class earner, whose debts were private, but this was a happy misnomer in comparison to being in debt to your very country and its public servants, footlings, satraps, czars and diktats. They want ever more power to own the things you need: electricity, fuel, cars, healthcare, food, and now water-- and they will overcharge you for it. The result will be the inability to own property, and certainly no one will be able to rent property for a profit after all the tax liabilities and fees are added. So, yeah, shelter too, will belong to The Borg.

"The Company Store" concept was wrong then. And it's wrong now. But I fear we are all working for a company store with the granted power to jail us, confiscate our belongings, and point a gun at us if we object.

Right now our so-called Tax Freedom Day is April 13, i.e., 25% of your income. When health care becomes nationalized, just go ahead and add on another 1/6 of your income into that. But then, every time a large corporation is taxed by the EPA, or tires are taxed, or disposal fees are added onto products, that is merely passed along to you. Congress knows this, that is why they prefer to play the Big Bad Corporate Entity Card as quick as they play the Race Card. It's a way to hide taxes from your sleepy eyes. You are paying far more than you think!

When your personal combined tax bills amount to over 50%, no matter how much you're making, you are now a victim of the Company Store.

Why isn't a Republican pointing this out to Harry Reid? Oh that's right, they're too busy ringing up sales.


Put 'em all in a sack and hit it

with a 3rd Party stick.

(Updated with more bilge after changing the batteries in the friggin' mouse. Argghh!)


Anonymous said...

I'm holding out hope for a Gary Johnson candidacy. Someone with a libertarian mined sensibility. But we'll see...

julie said...

I'm pretty sure DH & I have been victims of the company store for a while now. With the added bonus that we don't get many of the "benefits." Actually, on second thought that is a bonus. But still. I'd love to jump in on the "put 'em all in a sack and hit it" parade.

PeggyU said...

Joan: Last year I decided to go back to work thinking that it would help pay our daughter's tuition and give us a little bit of rainy day savings.

This year ... I have been putting in as many hours as I can - way more than last year - and it feels like we are barely breaking even. We have not increased our spending on non-necessities. If anything, we've cut back. Other people I've talked to say the same thing. Your "company store" analogy is perfect.

robinstarfish said...

Ah, yer pithy post is crying out for a soundtrack. Here you go. Turn it up loud to aggravate the management.

wv: swarm...that's how we do it, little stinging insects they can't slap down.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I LOVE that movie. I grew up with Tennessee Ernie Ford singing Sixteen Tons. One of my first memorized songs as a wee Arghlet.

patti said...

Why I don't have a job now - Tax burden is such that it is not worth the time away from my family for the pitance that would be left. Fact.

KeesKennis said...

I do not like communists like the ones you elect. The last time I voted cocides with the last time I paid tax, to anybody.
19 years ago I took the route of an permanent expat, I have not paid a dime of my earnings to anybody in any form of governance, I have contributed to many human causes.
From Africa?
More than three times the average earnings of average USAsians and some spare as I do NOT pay tax.
Vote correctly next time.