Jan 17, 2010

Brace For Impact: There Are No Knights In Shining Armor

We've pretty much known this for a while now, but it's refreshing and reassuring to our sanity to see a local TV Anchorman come clean with the truth, the formula, and the result. (Dear readers, I check my "outclicks" and I will know if you have not actually read the immensely satisfying article that I linked to. Don't make me stop this bus and come back there. . . )

Skepticism in the newsroom nowadays is in short supply. It strangely gets a pass from the perky, beautiful, 20- and 30-somethings who make up the bulk of newsroom staffs. They are too often uncurious. They walk in lockstep with the liberal orthodoxy. They give a pass to questions about global warming, what Hope and Change really mean, the costs that “clean” energy would impose and an infinite number of other issues of the day.

If only to make a point in the post below this one, the Daily Caller's scoop serves up a bittersweet moment of recognition of the bigger half of our real political problem. The second half being, of course, the steady growth of big government, but it's all of a piece making a very big whole of sheer madness, greed, and Marxism.

Blah, blah, blah. I think we can agree that power was slowly wrested from our over-worked lives while went about paying the mortgage, getting the kids off to soccer practice, and enjoying the respite of our Sundays spent with like-minded folks. And paying taxes, certainly.

But most of us are tired of sitting around telling jokes, like ants at the bottom of a tall glass jar. We've tired of climbing up the sides only to get smacked back to the bottom by some new jolt of government's power grab; so we resort to amazingly witty remarks amongst ourselves and have precious little energy to organize into something cohesive, something with political heft that gets more results than attention.

So let me say it: Brace yourselves for the failure of the Scott Brown Campaign.

Any good field marshal would tell his troops the hard truth, but would faithfully outline the course of alternate action. Troops, I'm telling you, if Scott Brown voters fail to deliver it may be the best thing to happen yet. But only if we learn once and for certain, where to push our advantage and exploit the other side's weakness. It's not Sarah or Scott or any other dreamy combination or heroic leader. It's us.

Get ready to get dirty.

Scott Brown has made a tactical move in the right direction in lawyering up before the election. He's getting his hands dirty in the hard work of drumming up outrage, being a thorn in the flesh of his opponent, making noise, getting heard -- all in spite of a Media determined to ignore him. His base has run to the battle in whatever small way they can bang pots and print bumper stickers and make signs. It's a start. But he needs to buy some judges, appoint some smiling Tea Partiers with nightsticks to safeguard the precincts, and sign up several thousand dead voters in order to win. One can only hope that the forgone conclusions of the Left have left the ACORN offices in Massachusetts in a sleepy fog from which they'll awaken too late. But don't think they haven't noticed, even if the Media has studiously ignored the story. They won't give up Obamacare that easily.

Allow me to core-dump a bit of toxic waste, for the sake of argument:

You want to save the Republic, you talk guns and ammo--- but get all wobbly about influence-buying, voter registration fraud and other dishonest tactics? Yes, it gnaws at your soul, but don't you think any veteran returning from the distasteful horror of war feels less for the dirty work he had to do? You yet may have to suffer unto blood for your freedom, but are you willing to suffer a bit of your pride and self-respect in order to get the job done before you have to resort to arms? It's not like we want civil war, it's not like we want to conquer our brother or kill him, we just want to lead our country to a prosperous and peaceful existence. We don't want power in order to abuse it, but we may have to abuse it to get it. What the hell are you thinking with all this talk of guns and ammo? That's what the Marxists want. They want the ultimate shortcut to retaining power. We're not anywhere near there yet!

There. Pretty unruly thoughts. Now, before we have to sell our souls, let's become wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Let us be at least as wise as the children of "this world" and see if we deserve the freedom we want, or the leaders we get:

What the above Anchorman revelation solidifies in my mind is that the local news station is our starting point, to be teamed up with the National Precinct Alliance. That simple, for a start.

Do you need me to spell it out any further than what those two links are shouting at you to do? [Heh. I come away thinking we need to rescind a woman's right to vote, sadly.] You can do this. I can do this. It's not even that hard or time-consuming. But it is powerful.

No investor will put his money where there is no visible support for its profitable return, and that applies to political ideas as well. Time to drop the Tea Party niceties and picnics, swallow some pride and Get Loud. Get heard. Write. Boycott. Serve in your precinct (the first and most easily attainable rung of power) and promote better candidates at the local level. Protest. Do not relent.

And don't forget to smile. You don't have to sell your soul just yet.

Update: Took me 30 seconds to sign up at National Precinct Alliance. I'm tired of bellyachin' and I'm ready to grab some power for the patriots. If you've done so, or know of someone else who has, send 'em here to leave a note of encouragement for the rest of us.


jwm said...

Maybe we need to start a twelve step group for sitemeter, Joan. We are being victimized, addictified, and strung out on stats. (and what's with the visit length 0:00 bit anyway?) I want some redress from these people. THEY OWE ME!!!!

All goofing aside- The comments following the article are telling indeed. What kind of brain soaked fool could possibly defend the MSM? I have not watched TV in decades. My mother, who lives with us, has quite literally done nothing for the last twenty years except sit in a chair and stare- upwards of 18 hours per day- seven days a week. My wife and I have to hear the goddamn ABC nightly news when we're sitting at the dinner table (my mother eats in front of the TV; she will not leave it long enough to sit at the table.)
Listening to that yammering crap is like being subjected to some wildly hyperbolized satire of badly done propaganda. But it's real. It is the medium. It is everything Orwell foretold and no less heavy handed than the cynical and casual lie-mongering from the Ministry of Truth.
Scary shit.


pamibe said...

Dear readers, I check my "outclicks" and I will know if you have not actually read the immensely satisfying article that I linked to. Don't make me stop this bus and come back there

Just so you know, 95% of the time my clicks out are from Google Reader. Just sayin'. ;)

dick said...

Well I appreciate your sentiment and concern, I should probably tell you that I'm not above shooting the no good, rotten, sonsabitches.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I know, Pam. Just let my control freak have its fun now and then!

Dick, I'm not above cheering on the good guys. . .

Ex-Dissident said...

Ok, i looked at this national precinct alliance and don't really understand what their purpose is.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Their website is pretty easy to click around in, ExD. However, precinct captains drive the political bus. You want true conservatives in the race? Precinct captains are powerful to make that happen. I had no full idea of the process until I read further. And the personal success stories there are heartening. Here's one:

"Nevada just had it’s elections for GOP Leadership. As a PC, It was my duty and great pleasure to drive 5 hours from Las Vegas to Hawthorn Nevada, along with our other delegates, to Represent Clark County. Our approved slate of candidates swept the elections and we now control the entire State. No RINO was left standing. Everyone of them has been moved out of our way. Every change to the State Party bylaws we didn’t approve of was voted down. It was a complete and total VICTORY for the grassroots conservatives in Nevada."

PeggyU said...

Hmm. When I click on your link to the National Precinct Alliance, I get this message: "The website has declined to show this web page." ??

virgil xenophon said...


You are theoretically correct, but, unfortunately for most "normal" people (i.e., most non-lefty types) the old saw: "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" still applies. The more mundane factors of daily life and the time-consuming effort it requires precludes following your suggestions for most people. And that fact is EXACTLY the advantage the left has. Leftists tend, in the main, to be mono-maniacal. This is how they gain control of the levers of power at all levels of government. They are the only ones with the dedication and patience to sit thru the entire school board, City Council or PTA meeting until the bitter end when the voting comes and they are the only ones left in the room. Chris Matthews once said it best on "Hard-Ball" years ago in a rare moment of candor: "Liberals are like Communists," he said, "and I outta know, as I was on the inside working for Tip O'neil. They eat,sleep and breathe politics 24/7. It's their entire life. Most Republicans or conservatives lead more or less normal lives with other interests. That's the left's great advantage."

Unfortunately sad but true.

And I, for one, unfortunately can't think of a way to work around that sociocultural fact. It's a long, tough, uphill slog. And most "normal" people have neither the time nor the energy for it. Just think about what you are advocating. You are, in effect, suggesting that "we" become more like "them." in order to fight fire with fire. I am deeply pessimistic.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Peggy, I just got an email from them. They're overwhelmed with requests and are upgrading the site. Trust me, though, these folks are deep into the organization of people and resources.

Virgil, I've posted many times on your exact point, that we're busy working to support the freeloaders who have all sorts of time and energy for mayhem. However, in observing the real unemployment figures of 22%, it seems that most of them were out in support of Scott Brown. Plenty of businessmen have time for golf in order to build their influence, but now they need to find their fun and relaxation in handing the Dems their ass. Political Sport, as it were.

I may be tired, overworked and dispirited, but I sure as Hell don't want to take up arms. Not yet. You wanna really be tired and stressed? Not time for anarchy just yet. Time to be smart.

ZZMike said...

"... local TV Anchorman ..."
One of the few things the BBC gets right is that their announcers are called "news readers", and the intro is "... and now the news, read by ......."

"promote better candidates at the local level"
Print that out, post on your fridge, post it on the bathroom mirror, say it out loud just before the "amen" at night.

The only way we're going to get this country back is to start right here at the local level.

Because that's where mayors and city councilmen come from. That's where governors and state congressmen and senators come from. That's where federal congressmen and senators come from.

It won't happen overnight. The Left has been working diligently for a decade or so, getting people in at the local level, and they've finally taken over the whole shebang.

The sooner we start, the sooner we'll get things put back together. It may not happen even next year - but we need to give our children back the country our fathers once had.

PeggyU said...

Trying to focus my efforts on educating younger people in the 18-to-25 age range. I find it rewarding enough to keep at it. :)

dogette said...

Ahhh, but you ASSUME we have not already READ the think you link to via our own off-Primordial surfings. MWAH.