Jan 7, 2010


Just fine, I guess.

No more slinging wine bottles and cases of beer all day has led to a 9-to-5 job, M-F, at a desk, co-piloting a new project for a financial firm. Nice folks, busy work, fun database stuff to play in all day. The only negative was the talent firm that hired me via bait-and-switch. I blew them off after they offered me $3/hr less than advertised, but they called me back 10 days letter begging me to take the job if for no other reason than the opportunity. Meh. It's a 10-month project. I can stand anything that long, I guess.

Turns out to be not a bad place as long as I don't want to rearrange my office or make a full pot of coffee with more than four tiny scoops of coffee grounds, (bringing fresh new literal meaning to "bean counters"). And bring my own plastic forks for lunch.

True conversation today:

Boss: so, is that file cabinet where you need it?

Me: Just tell me where you want me to place it.

Boss: It's your file cabinet, you put it where you think.

Me: (quiet because I know I've put it where he had the extra useless office chair, and I've been alerted to the quirks by co-worker.)

Boss: I thought the chair should go here. . .



CoWorker: We'll place them later. We're just waiting for the paint to dry. . .

Me: typitty, type-type, squint, type, paper shuffle.


Other offers are in the works. The TSA, that serious buncha idiots, has an opening and I am to take a test in two days. Not bad, since I applied about a year ago. Only problem is, the job is in Tampa or some such place, and I've been reading up on the horror stories of the stupidity, poor pay, poor prospects, no benefits, part-time hours, etc. There's only ONE truly CRAP-Paying job in the ENTIRE U.S. Government and it happens to be a fairly IMPORTANT one, it seems. Still, I make take the test just for grins and giggles.

BTW, when you apply for a government job and you're about to enter into the online application phase, you get a notice/warning that: all your computer belong to us. All your memory, network, any other computer on network and said other computer's memory, etc. It all belong to us. Zig!

So, y'know, you have to go to the library for any and all such job apps.

Speaking of privacy and the Fifth Amendment, my new response to the eventual Thugocracy knock on the door shall be: I have nothing to hide, and EVERYTHING TO PROTECT. Come back with a warrant.


I'm pretty sure there's a very pointy seat cushion in purgatory for me.
Don't ask.


Oh yeah, I forgot: "Facebook Seppukoo" is like, totally crashing my web hits since Monday. Seems the holidays have driven a lot of folks to the social media suicide quest for peace and quiet. Go here if you're one of them.


jwm said...

Best of luck, Joan. I too have begun looking for a new gig. All kinds of fun, huh?


WR said...

What a good replay of an office conversation. :-) Hope the search goes well.

Anonymous said...

I found you via your link to a better doc series on the Great Depression but I can't get it to play - any ideas?

Joan of Argghh! said...


Welcome! Unfortunately, I haven't a clue as to how to get it to play.